Regimen Outline -- No. 3 -- Detailed

(Revised August 2008)


This outline is provided for two reasons; One is because many people read the book and don't know what to do first. Second, it lists all the main things you should consider doing.

I am not a healthcare professional and I'm not recommending any treatment for any individual. These are all treatments that I have done and what I believe are responsible for my being alive today after eighteen years with ALS. I am one of the very few PALS in the whole world who has survived that long AND WITH IMPROVEMENT.


There are TWO PHASES in the treatment of ALS, any neuro illness, or perhaps ANY illness.

PHASE ONE OBJECTIVE -- Stop the progress of your illness.

PHASE TWO OBJECTIVE -- Restore the body to your normal condition.


In treating ALS, there are two goals of utmost importance -- A -- Detoxify your body and -- B -- Eliminating toxins in your environment:


Eliminate Sources of Toxins -- There are three MAJOR sources of toxins in your body that must be treated:

1. Amalgam dental fillings containing mercury.

2. Accumulated toxic heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins.

3. Pathogens in your colon and/or bloodstream such as Mycoplasmas, fungi, and even the toxin causing Lyme disease. A tick bite is usually the cause of Lyme disease, but it's only another source of toxin.

Here are more details on how you might treat each of these:

1. Amalgam Dental Fillings Containing Mercury

Eliminate all metal dental fillings, especially mercury, and all root canal teeth. Mercury is poison. It does not belong in your body. Additionally, I would remove any tooth that had a root canal procedure. You must find a dentist who is experienced in amalgam removal and will take all the necessary precautions during removal.
Some dentists may charge thousands of dollars for amalgam replacement. You don't have to pay that much. Check around. In 1998 my dentist charged me approximately $125 each to remove my two amalgam fillings and replace them with porcelain.
Call DAMS and request their free INFORMATION KIT. The kit will include a wealth of information about dental work, specific instructions on amalgam removal, and a list of dentists in your area.

DAMS, Inc.
Phone (800) 311-6265

I highly recommend a Huggins-trained dentist:

A Huggins-trained dentist can do things that no other dentist can do.

2. Detoxifying Your Body of Accumulated Toxic Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Other Toxins

There are many ways to eliminate toxins from your body. I have done the following: chelation, Bentonite clay baths or foot baths, Ionic Cleanse foot baths, and MMS. Chelation with DMPS by IV is a proven way to eliminate mercury and other heavy metals. Chelation with EDTA is a proven way to eliminate lead, and other heavy metals. Bentonite clay or Ionic Cleanse foot baths may be more suitable for someone who has advanced symptoms and/or is too frail. The clay baths can be regulated by the amount of clay in the bath, length of time soaking, and the frequency of bathing. Additionally, the clay baths or Ionic Cleanse foot baths can be done in your home and they are relatively inexpensive.

It is possible that different methods of detoxification may remove toxins from different parts of the body. Therefore, it might be wise to do two or more different TYPES of detox treatments.

Use two, three or more TYPES of treatments, e.g., DMPS chelation, Bentonite clay foot baths, Ionic Cleanse foot baths, colon hydrotherapy, etc. Before you begin any detox treatment, you should purify your colon, liver, and kidneys with MMS (chlorine dioxide), psyllium, lots of pure water and many colon hydrotherapy treatments. You cannot be constipated and do any detox treatments, and there is no substitute for this colon treatment. You must clean out your colon and keep it clean. I would suggest one or two BM's everyday and if you need enemas then do that. Psyllium will help you also. I have one heaping teaspoon in eight ounces pure water twice a day.
It may not be advisable to do too many detox treatments at the same time. You may want to alternate them. However, taking MMS during other detox treatments may be beneficial.

Colon Hydrotherapy -- This treatment will help the body eliminate toxins. It should be done before, during and after amalgam removal and other detox treatments. Any detox treatment will add more burden on your liver, kidneys, and colon, and that's why it is important to keep your colon clean.

Probiotics -- Most people old enough to have ALS also have bowel problems. Typically they have more bad bacteria than good bacteria in their colon. You may consider doing two things. First, you may reduce the quantity of bad bacteria, etc. by taking colloidal silver, MMS or peroxide. Then, second, you may take one or more probiotics to increase the quantity of the good bacteria in your colon. Pure natural yogurt will help plus fermented foods like sauerkraut are natural probiotics. There are many more, but one I like is Probiotic Advantage by Dr. David Williams. You might also try his fermented sauerkraut.

You can call (800) 888-1415 to order.

Number of Treatments -- I'm often asked the question “How many detox treatments should I have?” My answer is “All that you need to make your body as pure and pristine as possible.” That may take ten or twenty chelation treatments for one person, or forty or fifty for another person. The same answer applies to chelation, clay baths or any other detox treatment. Again, this is why you need a periodic hair analysis to chart your progress.


Get a Hair Analysis - A hair analysis will provide you with much needed information about your system. It will tell you about toxic metals in your system. It will also tell you about minerals in your system. Treatment should correspond to the analysis. Additionally, you can get future hair analyses and compare to chart your progress on eliminating metals from your system. If you do not have a hair analysis, you will be flying blind. A hair analysis may not be 100% accurate and it will not provide indication of ALL toxins. However, it is a good way for you to have a clue about what's going on in your system. Another way is to collect your urine immediately following a detox treatment and have a urine analysis. This WILL NOT tell you what's in your body, but it will you what your treatment is pulling out.

Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab will only provide hair analysis kits for healthcare professionals. Ask your healthcare professional to order one for you from the following:

Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab
63 Zillicoa Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone (828) 253-0621

Here is an even better way to obtain a hair analysis

A doctor in Cincinnati, Ohio provides a hair analysis with a consultation by phone and/or e-mail to anyone worldwide.She is a nutritional consultant as well as an experienced hair analyst. Her full service, all by phone or e-mail, costs a little over $100 and I fully recommend it.

You may contact her by phone or e-mail to order the hair analysis kit.

Dr. Kathleen N. Akin, CCSP
Advanced Family Health

Phone 800-528-4223


Web site:

pH Test Kit -- You will need this pH test kit because it is important to maintain an alkaline pH (more on this later).

Here is a number you can call for a pH test kit:

Phone (800) 899-8349

Chelation -- Chelation with either DMPS or EDTA may be risky if not done by a well trained medical doctor. Additionally, it is customary to have an IV of vitamins, minerals and glutathione in conjunction with each chelation treatment. That's why I recommend you consider using an ACAM doctor primarily for chelation.

Locate an ACAM Doctor -- The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) is a not-for-profit medical society. Most of these doctors do chelation treatments. However, not all of them have the same degree of chelation training. You still must be selective in your choice of a doctor.

ACAM represents more than 1,000 physicians in many countries. To find one in your area, you can contact them at the address below or look on their web site:

The American College for Advancement in Medicine
23121 Verdugo Dr., Suite 204
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone (949) 583-7666 or Toll Free Outside CA (800) 532-3688

Remember, it's a good idea to have a colon hydrotherapy treatment the day following a chelation treatment.

Bentonite Clay Baths -- This is one of my favorite detox treatments. There are four reasons I say that. It works -- It's very inexpensive -- It's a do-it-yourself treatment -- It's simple and requires no special equipment.

You can mix the clay powder in your bath water and soak your entire body or you can mix the clay powder in a small dish pan and soak only your feet.

You may order this product by the name of "Evenbetternow™ Detoxifying Clay Baths."

For more specific information on Bentonite clay baths and ALS, go to

TO ORDER go to

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL (Evenbetternow, LLC) Toll-Free at (877) 562-6039.

Questions and International Orders call (520) 877-2637.

Ionic Cleanse Foot Baths -- Here is a unit you can buy and use at home; you don't need a doctor. This is a do-it-yourself project. Based on my personal experience, this is the best unit I know of. This may be a good way to go because you may be detoxing a long, long time.

For more information, you may e-mail:

3. Pathogens in Your Colon and/or Bloodstream Such as Mycoplasmas, Fungi, and even the Toxin Causing Lyme Disease

Eliminate all pathogens in your colon and elsewhere in your body. The three best ways that I know of to eliminate pathogens are MMS (chlorine dioxide), colloidal silver, and hydrogen peroxide. Here are discussions on each, but MMS is far superior to the other two.

MMS (Chlorine Dioxide)

MMS (chlorine dioxide) will help you improve your pH. Chlorine dioxide has been proven to be the most effective killer of pathogens known to man. When you mix MMS with citric acid, you are creating chlorine dioxide. It will also seek and destroy anything toxic such as heavy metals and even cancer cells. Chlorine dioxide is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for safely removing pathogens and contaminates like anthrax. It is slowly replacing chlorine for municipal water treatment systems. The American Society of Analytical Chemists proclaimed in 1999 that chlorine dioxide is the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. Normal levels of oxygen in the blood cannot destroy all of the pathogens, but chlorine dioxide is one part chlorine and two parts oxygen.

Lyme disease may be eliminated by MMS but it may take up to one year.

For more information, you may e-mail: Thomas Husted

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and has been known to effectively eliminate unwanted parasites from your colon. Most people, including 85% of all PALS, have excessive bad bacteria, fungus, and/or mycoplasmas in their colons.

If you are interested in making your own colloidal silver, there is a unit you can buy for about $200 US:

The SilverGen SG6 Automatic Colloid Generator

Phone (877) 745-8374 or (360) 732-5091

You may want to order The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual. It's probably worth a great deal more for all of its benefits. It's the only source of information on dosage that I know of.

Call this number to order it: (888) 846-9029 or go to to learn more.

There is another company who makes a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver generator. This Micro-Particle generator has been specifically designed to produce silver micro-particles as small as .0008 microns (i.e., eight ten-thousands of a single micron), which means your body can absorb and utilize it far better than any other form of colloidal silver available today!

Call the company below:

The Silver Edge - Phone (888) 528-0559 or go to to learn more.

Hydrogen Peroxide -- You can buy "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" at your health food store--do not use regular peroxide, it may contain heavy metals -- do not use full strength. Best to drink on an empty stomach so the oxygen goes into the bloodstream and kills virus/bacteria/fungus, etc. This is another effective detoxifier.

Add 32 drops peroxide to one quart distilled water. You can slowly build up to 100 drops per quart of water by increasing one drop per day. You may consider drinking one to three quarts a day.


Eliminate all possible toxins in your environment; in your home, around your home, in your work place and in your car. Review all Updates on this web site for stories on environmental toxins.

Buy one or more air filters for your home. Install an adequate high-quality water filter. Eliminate all toxic items in your home such as household cleaners, personal care items like hair spray, and aluminum cooking pots. Eliminate all foods from your diet that may contain preservatives, MSG, Aspartame, or any other toxic ingredient. Better yet, eat only ORGANIC food exclusively and as much of it raw as possible. Use a juicer or a blender. Eat no fish and no meat or limited meat. I would avoid all fresh water fish, all salt water fish and all other seafood. They may contain mercury.

Avoiding toxins also means avoiding toxic prescription drugs and they are all toxic. I'm not an MD so I can't tell you to take or not take any drugs. However, my best judgment tells me to avoid them. Drugs are of great benefit during surgery, emergencies, and other life threatening situations. However, the idea of taking any drug long term, especially to prevent an illness from occurring, is absolutely absurd. People write to me often about taking Rilutek, which is the only FDA approved drug for ALS. To my knowledge, the best this drug can offer a PALS is to extend your life by two or three months MAYBE. If I were dying from ALS, the last thing I would want to do is extend my life two or three months. All drugs are toxic and therefore counter productive to any illness caused by toxins.

I feel the same way about Lithium. It is just another TOXIC DRUG and counter productive to the treatment of ALS.

Many healthcare professionals suspect that some drugs, such as Lipitor, Prilosec and of course Flagyl can even cause ALS. Read more about my experience with Flagyl in my book.


Correct Your pH to Alkaline (7.0 or higher) -- Recommended pH is 7.5 to 8.0. If you are sick now, I can guarantee that you are acidic (under 7.0), not alkaline. People with low or acidic pH are usually mineral deficient especially in calcium. Linus Pauling (the vitamin C guy) said that mineral deficiency is coincidental with all illness.

To balance your pH, follow an alkaline diet including a lot of greens, take a mineral supplement and consider taking MMS (chlorine dioxide). Correcting your pH is my single most important health suggestion. For example, cancer cannot survive in an alkaline pH environment. You should check your pH level more than once a day and you can buy a home test kit for saliva for about $10.

Call this number today and order your pH test kit:


Get out in the sunshine several times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes to an hour. By the way, the sun does not cause cancer, but sunscreens do. They are toxic and prevent you from getting vitamin D. Sunshine is a natural anti-depressant. Research proves that countries where people are exposed to high levels of UVB from the sun have LOWER cancer rates. These are countries located in the tropics. Also, cancer rates increase as blood levels of vitamin D decrease. If you cannot get out in the sunshine enough, then you could consider taking vitamin D as a supplement. However, make sure it is vitamin D-3.

Take Supplements Including Anti-Oxidants -- All supplements should be NATURAL, toxin-free, and preferably all-organic.

There are many supplements that you should consider adding to your diet. Details of what I took are in my book. At least consider a good multi-vitamin/mineral, B complex, B-1, E, C plus calcium and other minerals.

Terramin Clay -- A great way to raise your pH to a proper alkaline level is one teaspoon of Terramin clay in water twice a day. That works for me. This is an all-natural clay with an abundance of minerals.

You can order Terramin clay from the following:

Maryanne Maldonado

Phone (520) 219-2379

Note: They also have many other good products such as StemEnhance.

Water -- They tell us that we should drink eight glasses of water everyday. I am currently drinking about four twelve ounce glasses of water everyday and I believe that's enough for me. In the past, I drank only distilled water because that was the only way I could obtain pure water.

Most toxins are eliminated from your system through your bowels or your urinary system. Therefore, drinking a lot of pure water may be equally important to colon hydrotherapy. If you don't do this, the toxins will be recycled.

We now use an Akai water filter system and Glenna and I recommend it highly. You will find more information about it on the internet:

Water Supplements -- The following are all supplements you may consider adding to your pure water daily: Amazing Water and Cell Food.

You may consider these supplements when you are not taking MMS or colloidal silver or peroxide.

Amazing Water -- You may order one bottle by calling

Phone (570) 296-0214

Cell Food -- You can buy this at your local health food store. It is made by Lumina Health Products.

You may visit their web site:

Vitamin B-1 Treatment -- There was a medical doctor right here in California who developed an apparently successful treatment for ALS and MS patients. This was a few decades ago, and he is dead now. One of his patients lived more than thirty years after the treatment.

The treatment involved an abundance of supplements not too different from all those in my book. However, two items were very different:

400 mg of Vitamin B-1 INJECTIONS daily. Note: I've read that it is good for the nervous system and helps the body detoxify.

Injections of liver extract.

In the past, I was taking injections of 200 mg of B-1 daily and 200 mg B-1 orally.

Here are some items you may want to order immediately:

1 -- Call DAMS and request their free info booklet.

2 -- Hair analysis kit.

3 -- A pH test kit.

4 -- Colloidal silver booklet.

5 -- Colloidal silver generator.

6 -- Ionic Cleanser

7 -- MMS (chlorine dioxide)

Optimum Health Institute -- Glenna and I went to this clinic for one week and had amazing results. It is another one that is not inexpensive, but what you learn and the experience is well worth it. You stay there for one, two or three weeks. They feed you only RAW food that is ALL ORGANIC. This is where I learned the true value of an all-organic diet. Avoiding MSG and preservatives is just not enough.

Here is their information:

Optimum Health Institute
San Diego, California

Phone (619) 464-3346 or (800) 993-4325

Web site:

They also have another clinic in Texas.

This is the end of all Phase One Treatments.



Before you read any further about Phase Two, you should have some indication that you are ready for Phase Two. The only way you will know is if you appear to have stopped the progress of your symptoms. It might take two or three months before you realize that.

The purpose of Phase Two is to restore your body to a more normal condition. Exactly when you should start Phase Two treatments is an unknown. Some Phase One treatments such as an organic diet may be continued in Phase Two. The following treatments may be started anytime, but they may not be as effective as you might hope for until after you have done more detox treatments.

For example; the live cell therapy which will be discussed next, may not be effective if you begin it too soon. The toxins in your body may destroy the new live cells faster than you can take them and they are not cheap. You must decide when.

Live Cell Therapy -- You have heard of stem cell therapy and this is not exactly the same. Generally speaking, all types of cell transplant therapy are basically the same. Cell therapy is probably one of the greatest new treatments in many years. The live cell therapy I have been following is possibly the most effective for the cost. Based on my experience, this really is amazing.

The supplies for the live cell therapy that I'm taking and more information is available on the following web site:

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL (Evenbetternow, LLC) Toll-Free at (877) 562-6039.

Questions and International Orders call (520) 877-2637.

They offer four items: three are liquid and one is a capsule. I have taken all three of the liquids, which are brain cells, liver cells, and connective tissue. I am currently taking only the brain cells and the connective tissue. This is not inexpensive but about 1% of the cost for the China stem cell treatment. Please do not overlook this treatment because of the expense. If you cannot afford to do what I'm doing, then take only the brain cell treatment and/or take it less often BUT TAKE IT. It is simply too good to ignore entirely. Since I switched to an all-organic diet AND began this therapy, I have had more improvement in a short time than in anytime previously.

Vitamin/Mineral IV -- The vitamin/mineral plus glutathione IV I have been doing now for several years. This IV treatment is done in conjunction with chelation. However, you may want to continue this treatment, as I have, for Phase Two.

Human Growth Hormone -- Previously I was taking a daily shot of HGH for a year and a half. It is a little expensive, but it seemed effective. It comes in many forms but I selected a throw-away syringe. It has no preservatives because you mix it in the syringe just before you apply it. The needle is so fine that most of the time I don't even feel it. My wife, who would never give me a regular shot of anything, gives me this shot everyday with no problem. You can only obtain this with a prescription from your MD.

I was taking the following:

One shot per day - Genotropin 0.2 mg MiniQuick

Testosterone -- Testosterone is necessary to rebuild muscles. As we get older, our testosterone levels become less and less. This is not a drug, but a natural hormone, but it does require your doctor's prescription. It is available in the form of shots or a cream that you rub on your skin. I prefer the cream because you may apply it everyday.

Starbucks -- Now you're going to laugh when I tell you this one. However, I am dead serious. I truly believe that the drink that I buy at Starbucks everyday is helping me. They make a chai tea latte with soy milk. Chai tea is a black tea which has antioxidants in it. Additionally, Starbucks adds many spices such as ginger, cinnamon, etc. Now I have no idea whether it is the tea, the spices, or the soy milk, but I don't care. I do not suggest this for anyone, but I know it has helped me.

Positive Mental Attitude -- Last but not least, you must remember PMA and prayer. Additionally, you must take charge of your own health care. Do not relinquish this to any other single person. Again, all the above treatments are only the more important ones. This outline is just to give you the highlights of what one can do for ALS or any of the other forty or more neuro-degenerative ailments.

Glenna and I wish you well.

Eric Edney




Many of the treatments I have experienced are expensive as some of you have told me. Therefore, I thought it might help some of you to specifically list all of the INEXPENSIVE treatments you might consider for Phase One.

First, there are two things that a PALS must consider doing in order to survive:

1. Eliminate all toxins in your environment and

2. Detoxify your body

Now, number one, eliminating toxins in your environment, should not cost you one penny. Eliminating all household chemical cleaning products costs nothing. Buying and eating only all-organic food can be expensive. However, this could be offset by the savings from not buying Cokes, cookies, and all the other crap that most people eat. Also, not eating out can save a bundle.

Now for number two, detoxifying the body; this too can be done with minimal expense by the following:

Drink lots of PURE water (I drink only distilled).

Eat a half of a cup of cilantro daily. This is a detox treatment for mercury.

Drink one or two cups of green or black tea daily (studies indicate black tea may be better for neuro illnesses--Chai tea is a black tea.

Give yourself enemas twice a day to flush out your colon. Additionally, add one teaspoon of psyllium to one glass of water twice a day.

Do foot baths or full body baths in Bentonite clay. A box of Bentonite clay costs around $50 and may last you one or two months doing baths twice a week. This is relatively inexpensive.

Bathing in Epsom salts may provide some benefit but not as much as the clay.

Anything you can do to make you perspire will help you detox (exercise, HOT baths, saunas, or hot Jacuzzis).

Peroxide -- You can buy "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" at your health food store--do not use regular peroxide, it may contain heavy metals--do not use full strength. Best to drink on an empty stomach so the oxygen goes into the bloodstream and kills virus/bacteria/fungus, etc. This is another effective detoxifier.

Add 32 drops peroxide to one quart distilled water. You can slowly build up to 100 drops per quart of water by increasing one drop per day. You may consider drinking one to three quarts a day.

NOTE: Based on my personal experience with both, MMS provides far superior benefits. The ONLY reason I have included the above discussion on peroxide is for the possibility that MMS may not always be available.

Balancing your pH to more alkaline can be done purely by diet, detox, mineral supplements, and MMS. If you cannot afford a full range of vitamins, I would at least take something that contains a lot of calcium and other minerals including magnesium. A ton of calcium may not help you without vitamin D. Vitamin D, as in sunshine, is free. Get your naked body, or some portion thereof, out in the sunshine at least one hour everyday that you can. Also, Cell Food is relatively inexpensive. Also vitamin E and C plus a multi vitamin/mineral would be good.

MMS may kill pathogens, detoxify for heavy metals AND help attain an alkaline pH. You probably should not take peroxide and MMS at the same time. If I could take only one type of detox treatment, this would be it. This is probably the best treatment for the money. A $30 bottle may last you up to one year.