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October 2014

This month I want to give you a recap of what I have been going through for the last 6 months. 

I have had a stroke and a heart attack about 3 months apart.  I thought that I was so healthy that neither of these things would happen to me.  I do not smoke or drink, and I
Never thought I would have a heart attack or stroke.  The only explanation I can think of is a lack of exercise.  With ALS it’s really hard to exercise even though I try.  However,
I am a very lucky guy.  I am unaware of any permanent damage from either the heart attack or the stroke.   And believe me, I will be doing more exercise from now on and every day.

I think that it’s amazing and I want to remind you to never give up no matter what.  The sun will always come shining through with a positive mental attitude. 

This will be a short update but I will just mention one more thing.

Even though all my doctors know that I don’t do drugs, they still continue to prescribe more drugs.  If they aren’t getting kickbacks from the drug companies then why do they do this?