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March 2014

When I was writing my first book, Eric is Winning, I knew then that most people would not do everything I have done to fight ALS.  Well it occurred to me recently that maybe if I told everyone about the most important things  I have done, that many more of my readers would do these most important items.

My Most Important Discoveries

Colonic Hydro therapy - This is the very first thing that I did, Only because it was the only thing that I knew to do at that time.  However, that was a stroke of luck, because that is the first thing to do.  You don’t start dumping garbage down your pipes before you know they are clean.  You really should clean out your pipes ( colon) before you begin any program to detoxify your body. 

Mercury and amalgams – The very next thing you should do, in my opinion, is have your amalgam fillings removed by a well trained dentist who knows how.  Well actually, if you have or have had any mercury amalgams in your teeth, you should have all metal removed from your mouth.  The mercury in your amalgams will bleed and will be absorbed by the other metal. 

I.V. Chelation – Now I first must tell you that there are 2 drugs that are used for I.V Chelation, DMPS, and DMSA.   I must remind you that I am violently opposed to any and all prescription drugs with very rare exceptions and then only temporary use.  The reason I believe in using I.V Chelation is because it is the very best way to detoxify your body of any and all heavy metals.

Eliminate the cause of your ALS – You should determine, to the best of your ability, the main cause of your ALS.  If you don’t do this, you will have little or no chance of recovery.  I would probably not be alive today, if it weren’t for the fact that the cause of my ALS was eliminated before I knew I had ALS; my ALS was caused by one prescription drug I had taken for 1 month.

35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide – I read the book “The One Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh and according to the author Hydrogen Peroxide will cure cancer.  Now you may not believe that, but you must realize there are many cures for cancer.  If HP was approved as a drug, it would be the miracle drug of the 20th and 21st centuries.  If everyone knew about HP no one would ever need another flu shot and no one would have the common cold.   And the leading cause of death world wide (malaria) would be eliminated.   Let me prove all that with pure logic.  If all of the cures that already exist today were to be put in use, many illnesses would be eliminated and if that were to happen,  most of our big pharmaceutical companies would be out of business.  Further, I believe that peroxide will cure lyme disease and probably any and all virus bacteria.

Power Plate – ALS causes muscle atrophy and loss of strength.  You can slow down that process by continuing to exercise your muscles.  The power plate is the only thing I know of that will exercise every muscle in your body; even the muscles you cannot move yourself.  The power plate is very expensive ($2000.00 plus), but it is the only thing that will do that, that I know of.

Ozone/ oxygen – Every cell in your body must have oxygen.  If it does not have oxygen, or enough oxygen it will not function properly and or may die.  Many years ago the earth had about 50% more oxygen than we have today.  We could all use more.  If you add more oxygen to your body, it will benefit the treatment of any illness.  I am experiencing that now.

New Greens – I have been taking New Greens (which is organic) for about 3 months now and they call it a super food.  Well guess what – I could not agree more.  Based on my own experience, I believe it is the best supplement on the market.  Do I need to say anymore? 

Now you may not like me to say this, but I just have to, if you have ALS or any other neuro illness, and you are not doing all of the above, you are a simple idiot.  Again, I do not want to insult anyone, but I just must be emphatic.

Hope this helps you.