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July 2014


There ought to be a law against having ALS, and now that I have had one, there should also be law against having a stroke when you have ALS. 

Well, that is what happened to me.  That is why there haven’t been any more updates on this website.

Well the first thing I must tell you of any importance is that I am recovering well and fast with almost no permanent damage.

The stroke never should have happened, but I made a big mistake.  Here is my story.

I learned several years ago that a supplement called natto kinase will dissolve a blood clot.   I read an article written by an MD that says that natto kinase is made from a bean called a soy bean.  And natto will prevent you from having a stroke or heart attack caused by a blood clot.  Now since I learned that I have been taking natto kinase for several years now.  Now you need to know this, while I daily take vitamins, minerals and food supplements including Natto kinase.  Now and then I will eat something that causes me to have a bowel movement problem, such as mild diarrhea.  When that happens I usually stop taking my supplements and change my diet temporarily.   And that will cure my problem.  Well guess what, I made a big boo-boo.  I had a bowel movement problem and quit taking all my supplements including the natto.  Well guess what happened, that is when I had my stroke.   Even though I rushed to the hospital, they did little to nothing to help me.  They were unable to give me any drug to dissolve the blood clot because they said I was too late getting there.

Now guess what I did, I got out of the hospital as quickly as I could.  I went home and took my nattokinase and a large dose of vitamin E.  I am dead certain that this prevented any further damage.  

Now the raw truth is this, I should never have gone to the emergency room.  I should have taken a double dose of Natto kinase and a double dose of vitamin E.  By the way, vitamin E is not a blood thinner exactly.  Rather it makes the blood more fluid which is what you need for the blood to get around the blood clot while you wait for the natto kinase to dissolve it.

Now that’s all about my stroke.  I plan to never have another one again.  I will continue taking my nattokinase and vitamin E.

Now you may want to know what I think about doctors and hospitals.  I hate most of them.   What more can I say?  They did nothing to save my life, but cost me money. 

Bye for now!