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January 2014

Significant Facts about your health

The ALS specialist in Loma Linda, CA told me to go home and die. There was nothing he or anyone could do for me and they did not have a clue about the cause of my ALS.
 In 1990 I had my first symptoms.  In 1993 I had my first diagnosis.  In 1995 I had my fourth diagnosis from my fourth M.D. an ALS specialist in Loma Linda, CA.  I am still alive only because I am my own doctor.  One of my neighbors calls me a miracle man,  but I am no miracle man. I simply did not believe any of the doctors and I began to read everything I could get my hands on about health and cures.

I now know that all four doctors who were unable to help me were all bigger liars than Obama or were just plain stupid.  I now know the cause of ALS and knowing the cause is half the battle, because treating the cause is the only real cure. You must understand that most M.D.’s   make no attempt to find the cause of your illness.  They don’t learn anything about the cause or cure in medical school; they are only taught how to prescribe a drug.  Every one makes more money that way.

When most M.D.’s (there are exceptions) write a prescription, they are admitting that they know of no cure.

I have now been reading and studying and thinking all about our medical doctors and the way they treat illness.  Big Pharma is spending billions of dollars every year to prevent medical doctors and you and I from learning about cures.  You have been brainwashed by the master brain washer, Big Pharma, that there are no cures for almost anything.

You probably already know that most all of our doctors treat illnesses almost exclusively  with prescription drugs.  What you may not know is that prescription drugs are now the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.  After all these many years of reading and studying healthcare in the U.S. I just realized the other day the following and this I firmly believe.

Big Pharma and our Medical Doctors in the U.S.A are the leading cause of death in this country, by using only prescription drugs and preventing us from learning about other treatments that will cure.

Actually there are only a few major causes of illness.   Number 1.  birth defects.  Number 2.   mental or stress.  Number 3.  physical injury.  Number 4.  infection. Number 5.
 poison or toxin. Number 6 . dietary deficiency.

These are the only known major causes of the need for medical treatment.  Most people believe that here in the U.S.A we have the best system in the world.  That may very well be true for only number 3 physical injury.  However, we are the sickest nation in the whole damn world and we simply cannot have the best treatment for illnesses.

To the best of my knowledge there are no other major causes of illness and that includes the fact that there is no illness caused by drug deficiency.  In my opinion, the only time a drug should be prescribed is in a life threatening situation and or when a specific drug may provide temporary relief .  Note: to my knowledge there are no drugs that will provide a cure other than an antibiotic for an infection.

All of the above is simply a prelude to the main point.  If you get seriously ill, go see your M.D. but only for diagnosis not for treatment unless you are in a life threatening situation.  Then, go see a nutritionist and reread this article again.  The following may be used primarily to avoid illness but it may also be applied when you are already ill.  The following is also what I have done and am still doing.   You may use this treatment program to treat ALS or any other neuro illness.  But before I begin you need to know how I cured myself from ALS and there are 3 steps.

Number 1 detoxify your body and remove all metal fillings in your mouth.  Number 2 eliminate all toxins in and around your home and in your car.  Number 3 follow a diet of healthy foods and always organic.  Much of your food should be raw.  Eat a large variety of fresh vegetables and little meat.  Eat no fish.

Eat only organic vitamins and minerals.  And only in liquid, powder, or capsule form.  Remove the contents from the capsule and discard the capsule.  Eat no tablets.  Take the following vitamins and minerals daily.  1.  a multi-vitamin/mineral.  2. a vitamin B complex  and vitamin D3. 3.consult with your nutritionist about your need for the following which I take for circulation vitamin E, Natto-kinase, vitamin B3, fresh raw garlic.

Now for the main point of all this.  I have been taking all of the above for many years with noticeable improvement.  However, I have discovered one new supplement that is so outstanding that I am whole heartedly suggesting that you should try.  I recently received a sample in the mail of this new supplement.  Because it was organic I immediately tried it.  It is simply a list of many different samples of food that are beneficial in avoiding health problems.  It is simply a combination of different foods.

The new supplement is called New Greens.  It can be purchased from Pure Prescriptions on line.  Based on my own experience with the supplement and because it contains foods that aid in the detoxification of the body, I recommend this supplement above and beyond any other supplement that I know of.

Remember, it was Hippocrates, the father of medicine who said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. 

Well now, Hippocrates must have been dead wrong because our M.D’s nowadays completely ignore that and prescribe drugs that our rarely, if ever, cure.

I however, believe in nutrition, because nutritional deficiencies cause many illnesses and I prefer finding a cure as opposed to temporary relief from a toxic prescription drug.