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April 2014

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Although I wrote about PMA in my book, it only recently occurred to me that all of you may not know its true value or how to use it.  So let me tell you first what it is.  I will begin with a true story.

Many years ago I learned about PMA.  Part of the learning process was reading a book by Napoleon Hill who said “you can achieve anything you can conceive and believe “.     So the first step is to believe that you can do it (whatever it is).  Let me give you an example from my own personal experience.  I decided to test that theory about PMA, so I made a list of about 10 things I wanted.  I wrote down my list on a piece of paper and put it in my shirt pocket.  Now the only way that PMA will work for you is if you think about it often and frequently (spaced repetition ).  Come to think about it, I believe prayer works the same way.  I don’t believe that you can try it one time and expect anything to happen because it probably won’t.

Now back to my list.  Every morning I would remove that list from my shirt pocket and review it, but after almost one year  I did not have one single item from that list , so I threw it away.  Then, after nearly another year I realized one day that I had obtained almost every item on that list, including a piano for my wife. When I realized that, I was a little startled and I had to admit that PMA really does work.

Warning:  You must be careful what you wish for and you must be reasonable in your expectations plus You must believe that you can do it. 

When I was last diagnosed with ALS by the fourth M.D., I was very down.  However that only lasted about two weeks and then I made up my mind that I would use my PMA.  Now for a little clarification about believing.  I knew it was a long shot and I might not succeed.  However, I also knew that I must believe that I could do it and that I must overcome any doubt.  So I began thinking positive and doing everything I knew that might help (which was not much then).  I must admit that it took me several months to accept the fact that amalgam fillings might be a problem and that I must eliminate them if
There was any possibility that they had any relationship with ALS.

There is a person I know named Trish that has made a film documentary about myself and many others with ALS.  There are many other people who have or are beating ALS and all of them are not doing the same thing.  There are several others who have or are beating ALS mentally.  They are each using a different method but they are all using some mental program and with a different healer.  Now I have always had my doubts about any method that does not involve some form of detox.  However, these people do exist.  Now if I have doubts like that, I am certain that they will not work for me.  My brain is wired to believe that I must treat the cause.   However, that does not mean that I
Can’t do both.  I know that if I did not have the PMA that I have, I would not be alive today.


Now remember spaced repetition and do not expect instant gratification.   Do not believe any doctor when they say there is no cure because according to them there are no cures for any and all illnesses other than penicillin and that has limited effect.