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September 2013

Detox, Detox, and More Detox

I believe I have just figured out why so many people read my book and still die from their ALS.  Obviously, they must not do all of the things that I did.  If they would have, then many more would have lived.  NOW I BELIEVE I KNOW WHY.

Several years ago I received an email from a PALS with the question about how many IV Chelation treatments are needed?  NOW RIGHT THERE IS THE ANSWER.  That is like asking how long is a piece of string or how much does a new car cost?

The obvious answer about the number of any detox treatments is “more”.

The more accurate answer is that if you want to survive, whether or not you have any illness like ALS now, you will be doing some form of detox for the rest of your life and that will be a long life if you do the right treatments and eliminate all toxins in your environment.

I have done somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 IV Chelation treatments with DMSA, about 20 or 30 IV Chelation treatments with DMPS, and nearly 100 treatments of foot baths, etc.

I have always believed in the idea of using many more than 1 or 2 types of treatments however, my #1 most preferred type of detox treatment is and always has been Chelation by IV.  The main reason that I prefer IV Chelation is because I KNOW IT WORKS.  Most of us have no way of knowing when we take a pill (for example) whether or not it will do what we want.  Also, I believe in more than 1 type of treatment because they all work differently in the body.  Some types of treatments are better for 1 type of toxin where as another may be better for a different toxin.  Remember though, that any treatment will be more effective if done by IV rather than orally.

If you have any doubt about the value or the danger in IV Chelation here is what I’d like you to do.

BUY THE NEW BOOK “BOMBSHELL” BY SUZANNE SOMERS and if you don’t want to read the entire book, please read these two pages 208-209:  then if you are really interested you might read page 210 and beyond.

Now you must remember this, the mainstream medical doctors are following the program taught in med school:  that is treat every illness with a prescription drug, then if that doesn’t work, tell the patient to go home and die.  But, there are literally thousands of medical doctors who know that drugs rarely (if ever) cure and they are thinking doctors that realize that prescription drugs do not cure and they have a real desire to cure their patients and that means something other than drugs.

Remember this, the main point of all this is that you must never give up:  you must continue doing some form of detox treatment until you WIN.