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October 2013

All means “ALL”
Now and then when I’m writing a new monthly update about my ALS, I think that the one I’m writing is the most important one of all.  The proof is that I said that recently and now I’m saying it again.

The pastor at our local church had a very unusual saying that he would remind us of every now and then and this is it “ALL MEANS ALL, AND THAT’S ALL ALL MEANS”!  Now why am I making a point of all this?  Well, it is because when I suggest to you that you should eat ALL organic food, I mean ALL.  ALL means ALL.

I suggest to you that you must eliminate all toxins in your home, around your home, and everywhere that you go.  How do you eliminate toxins where you go?  Well, you do like I do; you wear a surgical mask to purify the air.  That’s what you wear over your nose and mouth.  Now why do I say all toxins?  Let me tell you why.  Based on my own experiences.

As most of you know, I had my first symptoms of ALS in 1990 and my first diagnosis in 1993.  But, I did not begin any specialized treatment until 1996 and I did not get really serious about toxins for 7 more years.
The results are that I have not won the battle against ALS yet, but I have reached a point where I have the most consistent improvement without any setbacks that I’ve ever had.  That is all because I learned what ALL meant and I adopted that for my treatment.

All water that I drink, cook with, or bathe in is filtered.  ALL food and drink that I ingest is organic.  All the air that I breathe in my home is filtered.

When I say ALL I mean ALL.

Well folks, what more can I say!  I believe I have said it ALL.