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November 2013


Here is a story that will provide you with a whole lot of information about treating ALS and anything else.

A few months ago in the monthly newsletter “NATURAL CURES’ by Dr Schlumberger, stated that if you need a root canal, don’t do it unless you find a dentist who uses ozone. I did that, and had it done by an ozone dentist and I’m very happy with the results. In addition I have learned a lot more about ozone. I wrote about this before, (look in previous monthly updates).

There’s one ALS person whom I know of who is having amazing results with his als condition from ozone treatments. I am using ozone now and I believe it is helping me.

Recently, I called my ozone dentist because I had a toothache and I arranged an appointment to see him in 3 days. In the mean time, he told me to take oregano for pain. I already take oregano in the form of oreganol and just rub a few drops into my skin. Now I thought that was a dumb idea to rub oregano onto my butt for a toothache, but, it works. Before I used oreganol, I had constant pain that was getting worse by the minute. You may not believe it, but oreganol works. I applied oreganol one evening, and the next morning my pain was gone, and has remained gone. Now I think that is a miracle, because when I say gone it is 100% gone.

Here is my thought for the month, buy yourself an ozone generator or seek ozone treatments from a doctor and apply oreganol daily.

I’m sorry I’m so late this month, but the message is a good one and worth waiting for. Hope this helps you.