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May 2013

pH Test Kits and Hair Analysis

Now and then I get an email from another PALS (person with ALS) who tells me that they are not improving even though they say they are doing everything I suggest.  Now I do know that sometimes I’m a little slow, but I just realized my answer should always be the FOLLOWING:  PLEASE SEND ME A COPY OF YOUR LATEST HAIR ANALYSIS AND TELL ME WHAT YOUR PH LEVEL IS.  I did that recently, but I never had a reply.  So now I’m wondering whether or not some PALS realize the value of each test.  Let me tell you what I think about each one because I believe these are the only two tests that may tell you why you’re not improving.

pH – It was several years ago when I ordered my first supply of Coral Calcium which was advertised in a TV commercial.  They not only sold me my supply of Coral Calcium but also mailed me a book by Dr. R.R. Barefoot  and a pH test kit.  I did the saliva test with the pH paper and my reading was about 4.0.  Then I read the paper that came with the kit and it said that I probably had one or more serious illnesses and of course, they were right.  I had my wife Glenna test her saliva and the test read absolutely normal at 7.5 which put her in the alkaline.  That made me a believer.

You may not know this, but you may have a pH level of 7.0 or higher, but what happens the minute you die?  Your pH level will immediately drop because your body begins to decay.  So folks, when you are alive and test your pH and find it low that will tell you that you are sick and dying.  By the way, most medical doctors do not understand or agree that below 7.0 is bad.

I have ranged from 4.0, which was my low with ALS, to a high of 8.0.  I want to tell you that the higher I have moved on the pH reading, the better I felt and the HAPPIER I WAS.  Your pH level can be improved by simply what you eat.  In our new book “Surviving Without Your MD”, we included a long list of foods and provided the rating on each.  Some foods are high alkaline and some low and acidic.  All you have to do is eat more alkaline foods that are high in alkaline than acidic by a ratio of about 2:1.

Bottom line, no matter what your ailment and if you want to improve, you must raise your pH.  That is an absolute.  If you have a test kit available, you may measure your improvement almost by the day.

Hair Analysis – The hair analysis will tell you all the amounts of heavy metals in your body such as Mercury, Lead and many more.  It will also tell you if you are short of any minerals.  The hair analysis and the pH test kits are the only two tests that you can use to measure your improvement.  This is of significant value in my opinion.  There are many products that claim to remove toxins from your body, but you will never know if they work or not unless you have a test now and then.  I know that the hair analysis is a little expensive, but in my opinion, you can’t live without it.  The only way you’ll really know if you are improving is by some form of a test.  By the way, even as good as the hair analysis test is, it will not tell you of every toxin in your body;  only the heavy metals.

Ozone/Oxygen – I said last month that I would provide more info this month on ozone.  However, I’m still in the learning process.  I do believe that ozone is a miracle treatment.  I’ve been communicating with another PALS who has nearly overnight improvement from hyperbaric and ozone oxygen treatments.  I do hope that next month I will have more info available for you.

PS:  In error, the April update did not include all information about the ozone/oxygen treatment and that has now been corrected.  I urge you to re-read the April update.