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June 2013

Toxins and Vapors from Toxins

Just for review, you must know that you absolutely must eliminate all toxins in your body and in your immediate environment (home, car, etc.).  When I say all, I mean all, that’s all “all” means.  The main problem is that most of us will fail to recognize ALL OF THE TOXINS that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

Before I go there, you must understand vapors and how they work.  Most of you are familiar with the fact that a blood hound can follow a trail left by a person who has recently left the scene of a crime.  The vapor (body odor) will remain on his trail for quite some time and the blood hound will sniff it out.  If you think about that for a minute, you will realize that is remarkable.  You may also be familiar with putting fresh chopped onions in a bowl with a covered lid in your refrigerator, that the odor will somehow escape from the covered container and contaminate the other food.  That too is remarkable.  It is hard to understand how the vapor can do that, but it does.

Now for the real issue.  About 3 years ago I decided to move my residence.  I knew for a fact that there was some toxic vapor in or around my home that I could not identify or eliminate.  Even though at that point I had mild improvement in my ALS, I knew I was not getting better as fast as I could be.  I moved into a new rental home and within 2-3 weeks I had more improvement than I would ever have imagined, and here is the point.  My condition began to reverse and I lost the improvement that I had.  Now you want to know why?  I was stupid and uninformed.  I brought in new furniture made of wood and new plywood to put on the floor underneath my exercise equipment.  Apparently the vapor from the plywood was the problem and the vapor from the new wood furniture was another problem.  Well I eliminated that and I was better.  Then I moved into my new home and did it again.  I brought in a 2 foot long resin statue of a black panther and another of a tiger.  They both caused me to have a setback, so I eliminated the tiger statue and I painted the black panther with non-toxic polyurethane and that worked.

Now you might wonder how I know?  That’s only because I have developed chemical sensitivity.  So I know within 1 day whether or not something new is effecting me.

My main point is this.  YOU MAY NOT BE CHEMICAL SENSITIVE YET SO YOU DON’T KNOW AND YOU MUST QUESTION EVERY ITEM IN YOUR HOME AND CONSIDER WHETHER OR NOT IT IS PUTTING OFF A TOXIC VAPOR.  There are many things that will put off a toxic vapor for years and years.

Here is another example.  I have been a hunter most of my life and have the head and antlers of a deer, elk, and wild goat.  About 20 years ago, I had my daughter take them for me because I had no room when I moved into a mobile home.  Three years ago I moved into a new home and brought in the three trophies.  Now guess what?  They bothered me even though all three were well over 20 years old.  So I filled a pond with fresh water and added several gallons of vinegar.  I soaked the heads for about thirty minutes.  That worked and they are now hanging in my front room and no longer bother me.  However, one of the three was severely damaged by the soaking and I had to have it redone with no preservatives for $600.  Now I have them and they don’t bother me.  Now let’s recap all that I’ve said.


TOXIC VAPOR DOES EXIST IN YOUR HOME RIGHT NOW.  Everything must be questioned and that includes one that you may not know about.  I had a laptop that was giving me a fit because they spray the circuit board with a flame retardant.  I had a friend of mine take my laptop apart to spray and clean the circuit board and put it back together.  I still have it and am improving every day.  I could probably go on for another day about toxic vapors but I don’t have room or the time.  YOU MUST BE YOUR DETECTIVE – your life is in your hands.