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July 2013

One Fundamental Truth

When I first started this website with the monthly updates, I decided I would never write a monthly update that was not important and I worried that I might not always have something important to say.  Well oddly enough I’ve only missed one month when I went on a trip and I’ve been doing this update for over 5 years.

Now and then I think I’m writing an update that is better than any before and this one is just that, SO PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY and maybe even more than once.

This is a subject that I have written about before, but now the real significance of it has become crystal clear in my mind and here it is.  This is exactly what I would do if I were starting all over with ALS.  You already know that there are only two things that you must do, generally speaking.  You must eliminate all toxins in your body, especially mercury fillings and all other metal in your mouth.  Secondly, you must ELIMINATE ALL TOXINS IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

Now the second one is the real problem area.  I have come to the conclusion based on recent experience that most people will never know about all of the toxins in the home, car or workplace.  There are simply too many for me to even list.  Plus, it is way too difficult to eliminate every possible toxin in your home.  So what shall we do?  Well, here is what I would do, no bull.  I WOULD TEMPORARILY MOVE IMMEDIATELY!  I would move to an area where the air is pure without any doubt.  I would probably rent, buy or build a tent or a trailer MADE OF NON-TOXIC MATERIAL.  The location for my move would be to a pristine area but also it would have to be near a town where I could buy all organic food and water.

This would not be a permanent move.  I figure that if I did all this right and continued to detoxify my body that I would soon improve.  It would be my purpose to live life temporarily that would be as pure as pure itself.  I KNOW IF I DID THIS I WOULD IMPROVE.  If I did not improve then it would be a lot easier to figure out why I’m not improving.  When I did improve I would consider returning home.  But then when I got home I would anticipate that I might get worse, but that would be the learning process.  I would then know that there is something in or around my home that is no good for me.  Then the elimination process would begin and I’d move back to the pristine area where I had improvement.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking.  That would be that you can’t do this.  Both my grandmother and my mother taught me that there is no such word as can’t.  Let me remind you that you are in a life and death struggle with limited time.  That is why I’m urging you to do what I’d do even though it may be very difficult.

ALS is something serious and you’d better take it serious.  I believe the reason most people die from ALS even after reading my book, do so because they just don’t realize what really must be done to survive and the sooner the better.

Fish in your Diet

I stopped eating all fish several years ago.  My last hair analysis in May of 2012 indicated zero Mercury.

About three months ago I began eating fish that I purchased from a company in Alaska.  The fish was shipped fresh/frozen and it was delicious.  However, after about one month I realized that something was bothering me so I quit eating the fish.  Shortly after that I received my annual hair analysis and it indicated some Mercury.  Do I need to say anymore?  Well I will anyway.  DON’T EAT ANY DAMN FISH!