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January 2013

Hello and Happy Holidays!

This will be a very short monthly update because I’ve been so busy with the holidays to do more.  However, you might find this very interesting.  If you have read my book “Eric Is Winning” and you have been following my monthly updates, you know that it’s been over 20 years from the date of my first ALS symptom: and I have been mildly improving since mid 1996.  You might wonder why it has taken me so long.  Well first, I did not know anything at all in the beginning.  But more than that, I have learned more in the last 2-3 years than what I learned in the early years of my ALS.

Lately, I have had more improvement than ever and the improvement is lasting.  You know from my past monthly updates that I’ve taken more vitamins and supplements and am following a far better diet than ever before.  Many times when I add a new supplement or a food, I have had some mild indication that it was good for me.  HOWEVER, I HAVE TAKEN TWO THINGS THAT HAVE HAD A DRAMATIC EFFECT ON ME AND ALL TO THE BETTER.
I have not been drinking coffee for about 20 years or more, but I decided to try it again.  I bought some ORGANIC coffee and had a cup one morning.  The very next morning when I was exercising, I felt a whole lot stronger.  I would have never dreamed that coffee could possibly have that effect.  But, then I thought about it and realized that coffee is a stimulant and it stimulates your nerves.

Then, about a week later, I tried something else new that I had done in the past but had completely forgotten about.  I have a drink from the blender every night with all my vitamins and more and one day I added one full clove of garlic.  For some reason and I don’t know why, that gave me the biggest boost I’ve ever had.  Now I know your first thought would be “what about the smell”?  Yes, my caregiver tells me I have a garlic odor, but after all I am fighting for my life and a more active life and I will do anything and everything that pushes me in that direction.

Please note that I do not attribute all my improvement to just coffee and garlic.  I am certain that it’s a combination of all that I do.

Well, that’s all that I have this month and I wish all of you a Happy New Year and I pray that all of you will seek and find the same improvement that I have.  Enjoy!

Best Regards,

Eric Edney