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February 2013

This is a story about ALS, God, prayer, faith and PMA.

It all begins with my previous dentist.  The SOB pulled two of my molars (that did not have to be pulled) and then a week later he told me that I needed bone implant surgery to replace them and it would cost around $15,000 or more.  I am still really pissed off about that, but I have to say it’s really good that it happened because I now found a new dentist.  Before I tell you why, let’s go back and review a little.

About 3 or 4 years ago I made a lengthy prayer to God and I said basically that I’ve been struggling with my ALS condition for too long although I have stopped all progress of my ALS and have slight improvement, I really want to get a lot better a lot sooner.  Shortly after that, and for a long time, I began receiving information that would help me, thus began a long and continuing series of events that led to more and more improvement.  One big event was when I moved.  I finally realized there was something around my home that was adversely affecting my condition and there is no way to know what it was:  so I moved.  When I first moved into my rental house I immediately had really great improvement, but then I began unknowingly bringing in toxic wood, rugs, and more.  Then I had a set back.  I bought a home and began making it totally toxin free.  I now have what I believe may be the most toxin free home anywhere.  Now I’m glad to report that I am in better condition than I’ve been for over 20 years.  My improvement continues daily.

I never want to go to my old dentist again, so I found a new one in Anaheim, California.  Now here is the good part.  After visiting my new dentist in Anaheim several times, I realized each time I went there I had improvement.  But, the improvement went away at the end of the day.  At first I thought it was the area, maybe the clean air near the ocean, but I was wrong.  Then, I realized that my improvement only began after I was in his office and I could speak noticeably better within a few minutes.  This is not my imagination.  My new dentist and Tina, my caregiver, both noticed improvement.  Now, you need to know why.  I first went to my dentist after reading “Real Cures” by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  The doctor said that if you need a root canal, don’t do it.  He recommended that you find a dentist that works with ozone/oxygen therapy and that he would recommend a different type of treatment to avoid a root canal.  I did exactly that and avoided a root canal.  But, much more than that, I learned a lot more about ozone/oxygen.  My dentist has an ozone generator that makes ozone oxygen and it is always running in his office.  That is why I was having improvement every time I went to see him.  Just breathing the air in his office, I was getting enough ozone that I was improving.

I now have my own ozone/oxygen generator and I’m drinking 6 ounces of the ozone water two times a day and the improvement is remarkable.  Now, just remember that this is on top of all the other things I’m doing and there is no substitute for that.  In other words, I don’t think the ozone water alone will do it for you.  If you want to review what I’m doing, you want to review the last 6 months of updates on our website ericiswinning.com

If you wish to buy a unit, here is the information:

I bought the lowest cost unit they have and it cost me about $1,800, including shipping.  I believe the unit I have does all that I need.  If you want more information on ozone treatment then, and you should, you might want to visit the following website oxygenhealingtherapies.com for more info on ozone.

Now, you must know that I will receive a referral fee, but only if you mention my name.  If you do not want me to receive a referral fee then do not mention my name.  I do not want you to believe that I’m recommending this for any other reason but for your personal benefit.

I wrote all of the above two days ago.  Since then, I’ve had more thoughts about the value of ozone treatment.  I know it is a little expensive, but I believe now that it may turn out to be the best investment I’ve ever made for my health.  I’ve been exercising with weights for several months now, but only in the last few days, since I’ve been drinking the ozone water, I have felt my muscles firming up.  I know that the ozone is working.