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December 2013

Have a Merry Christmas!
I know as well as anyone that it is pretty hard to have a Merry Christmas when your staring down your nose at ALS.  But just remember you must have PMA (positive mental attitude).  But I also know it is hard to have PMA. YOU MUST THINK.  You should think about the following.

Are thereany detox treatments that I have suggested that you have not done or maybe need to do more?
Is there anything that you may have overlooked that may be toxic or producing toxins in or around your home?

Remember, if you eliminate all toxins from your body and in your environment, you will get better I believe.
I am always thinking about ALS and here’s a new thought.

There are many toxins in your body.  There is both good and bad bacteria in your colon.  Now the good bacteria aids in digestion.  But if you have more bad than good, that is a major problem.  Even if you don’t have ALS.  Therefore, I want to remind you what I’m doing that I believe is necessary for my overall health.
Although I change it from time to time, I am taking “35% food grade hydrogen peroxide” and ozone/oxygen every day.  Here is the dosage:
AM – 5 drops HP in 12oz. of pure water, then 3oz. ozone/oxygen in another 12oz. of water
PM – 3 drops HP in 12oz water followed by 4oz. ozone and 8oz. of pure water

CAUTION:  Do this only after no food for last 3 hours and do not eat food until 1 hr after you drink your waters.

I plan to drink ozone water and HP water probably for the rest of my life.  I have been doing this for several months now and coincidentally I am having more sustained improvement than ever - - - and I mean ever.

Hope this helps, will have more to tell you in the new year.