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August 2013

New Beneficial Drink
Most of you know that I have had ALS for over 20 years and that I have been aggressively treating it since 1996.  Never in all those years have I found any one food, supplement, or anything that would have a profound benefit to my ALS condition until now.  Before I tell you about it, you must hear about the background.

I began drinking a Chai Tea Latte made with organic soy milk well over 10 years ago:  some people have told me that soy milk is no good and that is BS, probably put out by BIG PHARMA.  BIG PHARMA will do anything to discourage the use of any food or supplement that will benefit people.  I have been drinking soy milk everyday for well over 10 years with no ill effects (but only ORGANIC).  Now here is the interesting part.  Starbuck’s makes the Chai Tea Latte mix and then adds the organic soy milk.  I believe the Chai Tea Latte mix is not organic however; I have had no ill effects from drinking it every day for 10 years.  HOWEVER I HAVE NOW DISCOVERED SOMETHING NEW.  Walmart now sells an ORGANIC CHAI TEA LATTE MIX.  Did you get that?  I really don’t know if organic is the key issue here or not.  HOWEVER I am having very distinct improvement in my ability to move about and in my speech since I changed to my mid-day drink of organic Tazo Chia Tea Latte mix.  I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH DISTINCT IMPROVEMENT AND SO SWIFTLY FROM ANY OTHER CHANGE IN MY EATING HABITS.

Now this may or may not help you immediately as it has me, because you may or may not be doing all the things that I’m now doing or have done, but if I were you I would begin having this drink every damn day come hell or high water.  Yes, I mean to be emphatic.

ALS and Lyme Disease have many similar symptoms.  Both are very difficult to diagnose.  In fact, there are many medical doctors who believe that many people who think that they have ALS may really have Lyme Disease.  I have read many articles about that, but I have read two lengthy articles written by two very different doctors who both thought that most, if not all, ALS was really Lyme.  Now I don’t buy that.  However there may be many many people who have been misdiagnosed with ALS but they really have Lyme.

I have been diagnosed by several different doctors and they all said I had ALS.  However there was one lab in Florida that said I had Lyme but they were diagnosing Lyme Disease on over 90% of their tests.

Now the point of all this is that there is simply no way to be sure.  So what should one do?  Well, I think the only sane thing to do is treat both.  Now some Lyme Disease patients respond to antibiotics but the standard insurable treatment is way too short.  Most medical insurance policies will only pay for a few short months.  Here is what I’ve been doing for several months now.  I have been drinking alkaline water with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide twice per day.  I have had the most consistent improvement over the last few months than ever before.  I plan to continue this treatment for well over a year:  that’s what it takes in my opinion.  I began my peroxide treatment by drinking  12 ounces of alkaline water containing 2 drops of peroxide twice a day.  Based on what I’ve read and from my own experience, I must drink this water with peroxide 1 hour before I eat or drink anything else and I avoid eating or drinking anything else for 3 hours after.  Now let me clarify that because it may be confusing.  When I get up in the morning I drink my water with peroxide.  Then I must wait 1 hour before eating and then I have my breakfast.  I drink my latte around noon or 1 pm and then must wait 3 hours before having my 2nd round of water and peroxide.  So around 4-5 pm I have my water with peroxide and then wait 1 hour before having dinner.

When I first began drinking water with peroxide I started with 2 drops in a 12 ounce glass of water.  Then after a day or two I increased by 1 drop.  Then I eventually stopped at 4 drops per glass.  I believe that is enough for a long term treatment like I’m doing.  Those are my thoughts but if you want to know more about peroxide you should read the book “The One-Minute Cure”.  Even if you do not have Lyme Disease, I believe it will be a benefit to you.  It is a far better treatment than any prescription drug or antibiotic and I mean any.  Do you know that hydrogen peroxide will kill a virus?  To the best of my knowledge our medical doctors have no prescription drug that will do that.

Well that’s it folks:  tune in same time next month!