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April 2013

In my last monthly update I was telling all of you that I was disappointed about the number of people I was helping or not helping and that my feeling was that hardly anyone was following my suggestions about treating their ALS condition.  WELL NOW, I AM VERY PLEASED TO TELL YOU THAT I RECEIVED SEVERAL EMAILS FROM PALS WHO HAVE BEEN READING MY MONTHLY UPDATES AND DOING THE RIGHT THING.  Also, I was very disappointed that no one was buying the ozone/oxygen generator that I suggested you buy.  I have very strong feelings about the value of the ozone/oxygen because of how it has helped me.  I believe it is a miracle treatment.  The following is just one of the emails that I received.

Hello, Eric;

I am sending this from my wife's email. She has followed your site for some time now.

After reading your last update asking about ozone, we decided to share with you our story.  Ozone and hyperbarics have played a major part in my "recovery" from ALS.

I have attached a word document they summarizes my experiences.  My wife, Kay, is the catalyst that has not just saved my life, but given me a life back.  And it is a good life.

There are many involved in our success.  However, none of them are the traditional narrow minded doctors that gave me my death sentence.

If you want to know a bit about our present journey, we have a blog for friends and family, cherryswin.blogspot.com.  Please forgive us for encroaching on your website name a bit.  You have definitely been an inspiration in our own battle.  And, yes, we have read your books.

Best to you and your sweet wife.


Mr Kim Cherry


Kim’s ALS Recovery
As of March 12, 2013

I am Kim Cherry, a 64 year old male diagnosed with ALS in November of 2011, after some 16 months of tests, guesses, and unproductive treatments, which included open heart surgery. I was told at the diagnosis that my ALS was unstoppable and untreatable.  My doctors said when I needed hospice, they could help, but until then, they had nothing more to offer me.  I was told that I could expect a year to live, two at best.

I am a successful businessman, entrepreneur, engineer, and an inventor.  To hear such declarations by doctors that I had come to trust was disheartening at best, and contrary to my whole life’s approach to obstacles.  My mistake for just a few days, was to believe them.  Then I got mad and decided I was simply not going to accept their prognosis, and that with the help of my wife, we would fight this disease and win.  If my doctors were not willing to join me in the fight, with the expectation that I could win, I did not want them on my team.  They included my neurologist, my pulmonologist, my primary care physician, and an ALS specialist that heads up an ALS clinic in Boise, Idaho.  My last visit with any of them was in January of 2012 when I was fitted with a bi-pap machine to help me breath, which I discarded after about 2 weeks.

I did receive one very valuable suggestion from my primary physician, when he recommended drinking carbonated water to reduce my choking issues.  I continue that even today, though with less carbonation.  (We purchased a Soda Stream that has worked very well.)

There is no question that the turn-a-round I have seen in the past 14 months, as of this writing in March 2013,  is nothing short of miraculous.  Though faith, special religious blessings, and the love and prayers of friends and family, as well as our own prayers have played a great part in my success. I believe God helps those that work to help themselves.  Through my wife, Kay’s efforts and internet research, we have found things that have worked for us.  They include the help and books of several professionals (MDs, a Chiropractor, Naturopaths, and others). 

I recognize that this insidious disease is different for most everyone that falls under its curse.  I don’t yet claim to have found a cure, but I do claim to have not only stopped the progression of my ALS, but to have reversed the symptoms, and I believe I am well on my way to a full recovery.  In December of 2012,  I thought I had played my last round of golf.  As of today, I have the strength and energy to play daily, just not the time.

Everyone, from what I understand, has different specific challenges.  The primary challenges I faced, were number one, my ability to breath, and number two, my ability to swallow.  I simply could not get enough oxygen, and felt like I was slowly suffocating most of the time, but especially at night. I was choking on liquids, and constantly coughing an unproductive cough. My right calf had severely atrophied, and I had lost most of the strength in my right leg. Though I could still walk, my balance was shot, and I was losing my ability to speak.  I felt like I could not get enough air to make the words come out.

We have researched and tried many therapies.  I will list the ones that I think have had the most impact for me.  I will then let my wife, Kay, include the reference material.

Our first break came from a consultation with a chiropractor in Heber City, Utah, three weeks after my diagnosis.  Doctor Jared Nielsen specializes in neurological issues. Through some office tests that I thought were a bit hokey, he determined I had a gluten sensitivity, mercury poisoning, and some issues with fungus. He recommended a protocol that included a gluten free diet, and supplements - glutathione and candicidal to address the fungus, etc.  Much of the protocol included the theories of a Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist out of Florida.  Though I was very suspect, especially since I have never had any of they typical symptoms of Gluten sensitivity, Kay was not, and if I did not make the effort to try, I did not want her to be able to say "He just wouldn't try".

We started with Dr. Nielsen's program immediately.  But we also continued seeing our team of physicians in Boise.  By late January, we started seeing substantial improvement.  Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of meeting with Dr. Nielsen, is that he was the first professional that told me I had a good chance to beat the disease.  Not only did I believe him, but I believed that he believed it too.

Things did not get immediately better.  About the middle of January, I survived a couple of the worst nights of my life.  I sat up all night on a sofa, fighting for every breath.  It was then that I started using oxygen, which really helped.  I was also fitted with a bi-pap machine after two tortuous sleep study tests, that I used for about two weeks, then discarded toward the end of January, 2012.  I continued using the oxygen at night until last October, when we headed south for warmer weather.
In April of 2012, we added ozone and hyperbarics to our protocol.  We were introduced to these therapies by Drs. Dale and Gale Hammond, two naturopaths in Hendersonville, TN.  Our studies on ozone and on hyperberics made sense, and after spending 10 days with the naturalpathic doctors in Tennessee, we invested in our own hyperbaric soft chamber and ozone machine, and set them up in our home.  The total investment for the equipment was about $25,000.  This can also be done for considerably less.  With our own equipment, we were able to control our schedule, and basically eliminate additional expenses. (Remember I am not spending any money going to doctors or hospitals)

The naturalpathic doctors also used a series of their own herbs, which we continued to take into June.  We have since backed off on the herbs, with all the other supplements we are doing.

The treatments with the ozone and hyperbarics takes from 4 to 6 hours a day, although we have trimmed back some now.  There is a lot of information on the internet about both.  Our studies include the writings of Doctor Paul Harch, an MD from Louisiana whose specialty is hyperbarics, and others.

We have gone to a liquid glutathione supplement, which we think is much more affective, and have since discovered that Dr. Perlmutter recommends intravenous treatments, which we have not tried yet.  (I gave myself an ozone IV three times a week for the first two months, then cut back to two times a week through most of 2012.  I presently do an ozone IV once every five days.
I mentioned earlier that my improvement has been phenomenal.  I started playing golf again in March of 2012. We listed my primary business, Extendo Bed Company (www.extendobed.com) for sale for obvious reasons in November, 2011.  The business sold June 1, 2012.  I continued working for the company for a four month transition period, and then tacked on a few months as national sales representative working out of a 40 diesel pusher motor home, which Kay and I purchased, and which I operate with no problems. 

I continued to have hand and leg cramps periodically, up until November or December of last year, but no longer have them now.   I also no longer have the panic attacks from a lack of air, even when I over do it with exertions, as I did before.   I sincerely expect a full recovery.  And the last month or two, I have picked up work on another invention and business (www.slingpitcher.com).

We are willing to assist, with our experience, research, and success, anyone else that is interested.  Though I have been banned from the ALSforum.com website for postings similar to this letter, and labeled by some as a scammer, we have not made, nor do we intend to make any financial gain from anything related to this disease.  We offer hope and encouragement. 

We recently met with Dr. Paul Harch, a hyperbarics specialist in New Orleans.  He spent four hours with us, reviewing my death sentence from my neurologist (the ALS prognosis, and the EMG and NCS results) and doing his own examination.  He was truly amazed at our results.  Dr. Harch is not a neurologist, but his reaction was that to his knowledge, no one else has seen the kind of results we have found, in that we have reversed the symptoms of ALS.  He felt we should try to have the test results reviewed by some ALS Specialist in Houston, which we are now hoping will happen. 

Whether I have ALS or not, I don't know.  My neurologist was very sure of her prognosis.  But if I didn't have it, the neurological condition I had was not much better. Personally, I happen to believe in miracles. 

We are hopeful, with the help of some of the professionals involved in our success, to see a medical study done on our protocol that possibly could allow others to experience the kind of success we have seen.  The "book" is still being written.

Best wishes and God’s speed to all PALS.

Mr. Kim N. Cherry

Here is one more thing that is very new to me that you may want to incorporate into your diet.  If you have been reading my updates, you know that I drink all of my breakfast from a blender and about half of my dinner from a blender.  I have been adding wheat and oatmeal to my morning drink (if you have Celiac Disease you should avoid all grains).  Now, you can add raw wheat as I do, or you might pre-cook it before adding it to the blender, or you could just eat a bowl of it.  But anyway you slice it, I know that it gives me a big boost in my strength and just the way I feel.

I really enjoy hearing from PALS who have had improvement, so I invite any and all of you to write to me anytime.