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September 2012

The other day I had a really good idea on how I might help you more.  A few months ago I told you all the vitamins and supplements I’m taking, but my new idea is to tell you much more than that.  This month I will tell you everything I do from when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night.  That will include (3) new products that I’m now taking that you must know about.  They are Oreganol, Lithium, and herbs.  I will also tell you why I do everything that I do.

My caregiver arrives at 7:30 am and within a few minutes I take my Thyroid.  My Thyroid was surgically removed many years ago and I must take Thyroid.  I take NATURAL Thyroid, not a drug.  That makes it easier for me to regulate the amount.  Most medical doctors will not agree with this, but they don’t know what I know.  You want your Thyroid at the very peak of the normal range.

Now I’m still in my bed when my caregiver brings me my 5 lb. and 8 lb. bar bells.  While I’m laying flat on my back without a pillow, I press my 5 lb. weight straight up 10 times with my right arm.  Then, I do that with my left arm, then 15 times with each arm, then 20 times, then 25 times and then 30 times.  Then I switch to the 8 lb. and I do 15 times with my right arm, 15 times with my left arm and finally 15 more.  I do this every darned day.

Now I’m up and on my Scooter.  My caregiver sprays my back with 15 squirts of liquid Magnesium Oil.  Nearly one half of we Americans don’t get the right amount of Magnesium each day.  It is not in most of the foods that we eat and your body does not store it like it does Calcium.  You must have an adequate amount of Magnesium and here is why.  Every cell in your body must have oxygen but the individual cells are unable to pull in enough oxygen without the necessary amount of Calcium and MAGNESIUM.  Most of us do not need more Calcium, in fact more Calcium is bad for you if you don’t have enough Magnesium.  Magnesium works like a laxative if you take it orally, that’s why I apply mine to the skin. The brand that I use is Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil from magneticclay.com.

Now for my water.  All of my water is run through a filter before entering my home.  Additionally, my drinking water is processed thru another Akai system which delivers Alkaline or Purified water and has 4 settings for PH strength.  I drink ALKALINE water.  I first drink 11 ounces of alkaline water with 3 drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  Hydrogen Peroxide is known as H202.  Now water is H20 so  H202 is water with more oxygen in it.  According to the book “The One-Minute Cure”, H202 will cure Cancer but you have to take a lot more than 3-4 drops.  If you want more info, read the book.  It has been known that oxygen will cure Cancer for over 80 years.  In 1932, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for that discovery.  Most medical doctors do not know this because that is not taught in medical school.  Medical school teaches drugs.  Then, I have another water with 3 drops of HP, apple cider vinegar, and Psyllium.  So that means I’m getting 6 drops of H202 twice a day. That may be enough to not only provide your body with more oxygen but also prevent you from ever having a cold or the flu.  Peroxide is one of the few items that will actually kill a virus: our medical doctors do not have any antibiotic drug that will kill a virus. Hydrogen Peroxide may cure Lyme Disease but you may have to take it for many months and I plan to do that just to be sure.   It may eliminate many other unwanted bacteria and viruses in your gut. Apple cider vinegar has more benefits than I can tell you about in a few words.  I take the Psyllium to regulate my bowels.  You should never be constipated when you have ALS and you are doing detox.

Now, I go to the bathroom to have my morning bowel movement.  I use the brand Fleet enemas that are available at most drug stores.  I average 2-3 enemas per session.

Then I shave and brush my teeth.  I brush my teeth with an all natural toothpaste.  Then I shower with organic soap and water that has been filtered.  After my shower, my caregiver applies coconut oil to my back and arms.  Coconut oil has many benefits and one tablespoon of it 2 times a day orally will cure Alzheimer’s according to what I’ve read.  I apply aftershave to my face but it too is organic.  Most of the popular brands of aftershave are highly toxic.

My doctor has long prescribed Testosterone for me.  I prefer to take anything that I can apply to my skin.  They do have a natural cream Testosterone that my doctor prescribes. No it is not a drug, but it does require a prescription.  It is a natural hormone.  The reason most men are stronger than most women is because of Testosterone.  If you want to rebuild your muscles, it is a must.

DHEA is another natural hormone that my doctor prescribes in a cream that I apply to the skin.  As we get older, the body produces less and less of all the natural hormones that you need.  The proper amount of DHEA will prevent that.

Now for some more exercise.  I go into my garage where I have a 10 ft. long walker made of galvanized pipe.  I walk all the way down and back.

I then go into my exercise room and use my PowerPlate.  I am now doing 4 minutes at a time. When you have ALS you are unable to move many of your muscles enough.  When you stand on a PowerPlate and turn it on, it will vibrate every muscle in your entire body: it will even vibrate your teeth.  The Russians invented the PowerPlate for space travel.  That was a great idea now, don’t you think?  I believe the PowerPlate may be the very best form of exercise for the ALS patient.

Now I have my all organic morning drink that consists of raw B-Complex, Lithium, Nattokinase, D-3, apple butter, whey, Blue Boy Nervine, Blue Boy Brain Tonic, Blue Boy Blood Tonic, Aloe Vera juice, Pomegranate juice, coconut oil, cinnamon, and iodine. Note: all is mixed in my blender with the supplements removed from the capsules.

Most days I have two eggs scrambled with cheese following my drink.  Now and then I have organic oatmeal or cereal with a sliced banana. Eggs are one of the best foods you could ever eat and do not worry about the cholesterol.  Read my book “Surviving Without Your MD”.  I want my cholesterol slightly higher from what most medical doctors will tell you and that’s because they are dead wrong!

Around 11 am – 12 pm we make a trip to Starbuck’s everyday and I have my usual drink “Hot Chai Latte made with organic Soymilk.  I drink my latte in a stainless steel cup with a stainless steel straw.

Around 1 pm, I am back on the walker and then the PowerPlate.  Around 3 pm I lift my weights while on my scooter.  I curl my 5 lb. weight 12 times with each arm.  I also hold my weight with my arm straight down and lift straight out to my side as high as possible with each arm about 10 times.  Then I again curl the weight with each arm about 20-25 times and then do my side exercise again 15 times with each arm.

Now for the 3rd time at about 4 pm I am back on the walker and PowerPlate.

Then it’s time again for my water, Psyllium, and HP just as I have in the morning.

Now it’s time to get on the potty again.

Around 5 pm it is time for my evening dinner drink.  I have (2) drinks that I alternate daily.  One has banana and the other one has apple.  Every drink has asparagus and cilantro.  They both will detoxify your body and I must have them everyday.

*I have all of these every night *Coconut oil, *Aloe Vera juice, *Liquid multi-vitamin/mineral, *Nattokinase, *D-3, *Blue Boy Nervine, *Blue Boy Brain Tonic, *Blue Boy Blood Tonic, *Lithium

I drink half of my dinner from a blender and have these two drink recipes that I rotate.
In addition, these organic raw fruits and vegetables are added.

Red Drink - Beet, apple, parsley, cilantro, tomato, cauliflower, alphalfa sprouts, coconut shreds, pineapple, asparagus – The underlined are a must!

Green Drink - *Same as above supplements
Banana, coconut shreds, parsley, cilantro, broccoli, pineapple, spinach, alphalfa sprouts, asparagus

Now it’s time for a real dinner!  I usually have only 1 more item such as a great barbequed steak or a bowl of brown rice, or maybe a homemade cheeseburger or salad with a lot of avocado.

Then when I’m ready for bed my caregiver rubs onto my skin 4 drops of Oreganol.

Note:  There is only one computer that I allow in my home and that’s mine.  It is my understanding that all computer circuit boards are sprayed with a fire retardant and it is highly toxic.  I had my lap top computer taken apart and I had the circuit board sprayed with a cleaning solvent and now it is alright.  I also prefer not to have anyone enter my home wearing perfume or hairspray as they are highly toxic and the vapor will adversely affect me.  I know this from experience believe me!

Here is more info on the (3) new products that I am taking and I believe they are all really helping me.

Oreganol P73 Oil made by North American Herb & Spice/www.oreganol.com 800-243-5242

When I first tried this product, I put only 2 drops on my skin and the very next day I felt it.

Lithium - There are two totally different products with the same name Lithium.  One is a prescription drug and you know I’d never suggest that. The other is a purely natural mineral.  Over the years, I have had 5 or 6 hair analysis and on every one I am reminded that my Lithium is nearly zero.  Recently, I decided to try it but was unable to find an organic Lithium.  Now I have found one and I believe according to what I’ve read that probably every ALS patient is very low on most minerals, especially Lithium. The brand is Priority One from priorityonevitamins.com

Blue Boy Herbs – Blue Boy Herbs Co./blueboyherbs.com 800-798-9951
Nervine, Brain Tonic, Blood Tonic

Dr. Linus Pauling has said that every type of illness is coincidental with a defiency of minerals.  I have never done much with herbs but herbs provide a lot of minerals.  Another ALS patient who read my book many years ago and survived, wrote to me by email and told me about Blue Boy Herbs, saying he is improving even more.  I immediately ordered them and I’m now very thankful!