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November 2012


This is something I’ve never written about before, but I now realize that it is very important.  I have had one dentist for about ten years and he recently made a big mistake in my treatment, so I changed to a new dentist.  WOW!  I have learned more from my new dentist than any other before him and most of it has to do with people with ALS or other neuro-illnesses.  I am very fortunate to have found this new dentist.  I will tell you more about my new dentist next month, right now we are talking about change.

There are many people who will try something such as a detox treatment and then, when they don’t have immediate improvement, they quit.  I am suggesting that you do not quit but CHANGE.

I learned about change many years ago when I was fishing.  I had been fishing for about an hour or so and I had not caught one fish, not even a bite.  Then the dawn came, I realized that I’d better change something, so I began changing the size of my hook, color of my leader, length of my leader and on and on.  After awhile and many changes, I began catching fish.  I went home one hour later with my limit.

When you have ALS, you know, you are in a life and death struggle.  That’s when you really need to THINK ABOUT CHANGE, but don’t change everything all at once.  Change one thing at a time.  As most of you know, I have survived ALS for over 20 years and I am in perfect health according to my doctor but I’m still recovering from the damage that ALS caused.  I was able to survive ALS only because I changed.  As I learned more, I made many changes in my diet and much more.  Change, Change, Change.  I even changed my residence of over 15 years and I’m really glad I did because I eliminated something that was not good for me.  Let me give you one more example.  I have tried many ways to detox my body and only through change was I able to learn what is best for me.  All of the changes that I have made are in my Regimen Outline.  You will find it on this website.

Please do not forget this one.  When things are not going right, do not quit, CHANGE.


Remember, there are three main things you want to do to treat ALS.

  1. You must detox your body
  2. You must avoid all exposure to new toxins
  3. You want to do everything possible to make your body healthy.  Just one of those things is Vitamin D-3, only because most of us are not in the sun nearly enough.   Even though I take 10,000 units of Vitamin D-3 everyday, it’s still not enough in my opinion.  There must be more benefits from being in the sun than just Vitamin D.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but when I am in the sun for an hour or more, I feel better and stronger.  So my suggestion is that you get out in the sun with minimal clothing every day possible.

Adios for this month!