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March 2012

The Latest Report from My Doctor

In the last few months of 2011, I wrote a lot about all the things I’ve been doing for my improvement.  First, I want to assure you that what I’m now doing is working very well and I will owe a lot to the H202.

Now, I am never one to brag:  I just don’t do that BUT in this case I must tell you.

On my last visit to my doctor, we discussed the latest report from my blood test which was very comprehensive.  He said and I quote “I have the body of a 20 year old and that everything in the report was perfect!”  Now, I just had to tell you that and also remind you that I am 82 years old and it’s been over 20 years since the date of my first ALS symptom.  The only reason I tell you this is to provide some credence to what I do.

You need to know that this was no accident:  This is a result of what I do.  I do light exercise everyday and I use my PowerPlate.  Everything I eat is all organic, even my ice cream, popcorn, butter and salt.  All of my food is organic and more than half of it is raw that I put in the blender.  Even my vitamins are strictly organic and all-natural.  I TAKE NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. If you want to know what I do then you want to review all of 2011 Monthly Updates on this website.


Most people read my book “Eric Is Winning” but they don’t know what to do first.  That’s why I developed the Regimen Outline and you will find that on this website.  I get a lot of email from people with ALS asking me about other treatments and products to buy.  Let me remind you that you don’t need any if you follow my outline.  Remember, I am one of the rare people who have beaten ALS and my Regimen Outline tells you everything I did.  The most important in the Regimen Outline are the following:

1-Eliminate all toxins in your environment
2-Detoxify your body
3-Get a hair analysis every few months
4-Test your PH daily

If your PH and your hair analysis do not show improvement, then you are not doing everything that you should.  Then, you must change what you’re doing.

Well, I hope this helps you!