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January 2012

Here is the latest revision of the introduction to a new book and a new cure. 


What would happen if our Medical Doctors were NOT able to CURE anyone?  Well, the number of people with a chronic illness would increase dramatically.  We would become one of the sickest countries in the world.  The cost for medical insurance would skyrocket along with huge profits for the Drug Companies.  WAKE UP AMERICA, WE ARE ALREADY THERE!!!  There are now over 80 chronic illnesses for which the MD’s HAVE NO CURES.  About 50 years ago we were in the Top 10 of the healthiest nations in the world.  Today, we are among the sickest countries in the world and we use ten times more drugs than we did 50 years ago.

NOW GET THAT FOLKS, WE ARE USING MORE DRUGS THAN EVER AND WE ARE GETTING SICKER THAN EVER BECAUSE MD’S ARE UNABLE TO CURE MOST OF OUR ILLNESSES.  BIG PHARMA has not developed a cure for any serious illness since Penicillin (that was over 70 years ago).

Most MD’s prefer to use only products and treatments which are FDA approved.  BUT THE FDA,  according to what I’ve read, WILL NOT APPROVE ANY PRODUCT FOR TREATMENT THAT CANNOT BE PATENTED AND YOU CANNOT PATENT ANYTHING THAT IS NATURAL.   That means that DRUGS ARE IN and CURES ARE OUT.

WHY?  As with all major corporations, stockholders want growth.  It is very difficult to sell drugs to people who are not sick.  Therefore, BIG PHARMA is unable to grow unless more and more people are getting sicker and sicker.  The only way for BIG PHARMA to grow is to never produce a drug that will cure. They must also eliminate any competitive product or treatment THAT WILL CURE.  Additionally, they must convince the world that drugs are the only treatment, even though they do not cure.

THE MEDICAL MAFIA has already done everything in their power to destroy or bury any REAL CURES.  BIG PHARMA has brainwashed most of the world and most of our MD’s that there are no cures for any illness and the only good treatment is their prescription drugs.  THAT IS A BIG LIE!  I don’t know of any drug that will cure an illness.  Now, think for a minute; is it logical that there are no cures anywhere in the whole world?


Yes folks, there are many cures for many illnesses, including Cancer, BUT cures are ALL NATURAL FOODS and SUPPLEMENTS and they will NEVER be approved by the FDA because there is no money in natural cures.

I have cured myself of many illnesses with all natural treatments:  ALS, Asthma and Hay Fever, Psoriasis, Arthritis, and Irritable Bowel Disease.  So, I know that there are natural cures that really work.

Now, here is more evidence that cures do exist.   

In the late 1940’s Dr. Gershen appeared before the US Congress together with 6 or 7 patients.  They all testified and presented their medical records to prove that they had all been CURED OF THEIR CANCER with no dangerous drugs like chemotherapy.
There was an American doctor in the late 1800’s who discovered that cancer can not stand heat.  They are using that method among other types of treatments to cure cancer in clinics in Germany.

I had Graves Disease in 1957 and my thyroid was removed.  I recently learned that they know the cure for Graves Disease.  They have known it since 1860 and the cure is Iodine.  Yes folks, they have known this for over 100 years.  When your thyroid is removed, you are then married to the pharmacy for the rest of your life and BIG PHARMA loves that.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that Cancer is anaerobic.  Anaerobic means that Cancer thrives in a NO OXYGEN  environment.  That means that more oxygen will cure Cancer, but our doctors ignore this fact because any treatment would not involve a prescription drug and there is no money in it.

In 1998, Dr. Ignarro shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with two other MD’s for their discovery that Nitric Oxide can prevent and cure heart disease.  Why do most MD’s know nothing about this; maybe because it is not a prescription drug?

In 1990, I developed ALS, a 100% fatal disease with no cure or treatment.  In 1995, four different MD’s told me I had six months to live, I PROVED THEM WRONG.  I am an ALS survivor of 21 years from the date of my first symptom.  If you believe your MD when he tells you that there is no cure for heart disease, Cancer or any other illness, you are sadly mistaken and you are a victim of BRAINWASHING.


Here is an item that should knock your socks off!  Most of our MD’s don’t know beans about nutrition.  As a result, there are thousands of people dying from nutritional deficiencies.  Here are six epidemics that most people don’t know about, and I consider them epidemics because each one kills thousands every year.  The first 5 epidemics are all caused by toxins and/or nutritional deficiencies and all may be CURED by avoiding toxins and adding the right NATURAL nutrients. The odds are about 9 to 1 that you will die from one of the below epidemics, unless you do something now.  For more information on how you may prevent this, read our book “Surviving Without Your MD”.  Nothing suggested in our book will cause loss of hearing, blindness or an erection that lasts more than 4 hours.

1-Manganese Deficiency
2-Vitamin D-3 Deficiency    
3-Iodine Deficiency     
4-Magnesium Deficiency 
5-Toxin Related Illnesses (e.g. ALS and Autism)

6-Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs

#6 above is the worst one by killing people by the thousands every year.  By my own estimate, based on many reported figures, the total number of deaths from prescription drugs may be somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 every year.

Although prescription drugs are killing us by the thousands, the worst part is that they are selling us drugs that we really don’t need.  The best examples I can give you are the Statin Drugs approved by the FDA to lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks.  That is a joke and the joke is on you.  BIG PHARMA is laughing all the way to the bank.  Why?  Statin Drugs are to lower Cholesterol, and have been on the market for over 25 years.  There are over 40 million people taking them now and there has been no significant drop in the heart attack rate.  Obviously, they are a total failure in preventing heart attacks.  William Campbell Douglass II, M.D., said that “Low Cholesterol can be much deadlier than high Cholesterol”.  You will find more evidence in the new book “Surviving Without Your MD” on pages 92-95.
The FDA was created by the Federal Government to control the food industry and the drug companies.  However, the food and drug companies now control the FDA with money.  It’s all about money!

Here are two examples of the FDA failing to protect us:

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in many diet soda drinks and it is causing much harm to thousands of us.  There was a panel of medical doctors who unanonymously recommended to the FDA that it NOT BE APPROVED, but the FDA approved it anyway.

What they call Amalgam dental fillings are really 50% Mercury.  Mercury is a poison, BUT the dentists continue to use Mercury and the FDA totally ignores it (you may want to view the following You Tube video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZviAmoDwZLg) .  Mercury is highly toxic and it is a neuro-toxin.  It can cause neuro-illnesses such as Autism, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and about 40 other neuro-illnesses.
Now, along comes a book that has the potential to change everything about healthcare. The name of the book is “The One-Minute Cure, The Secrets to Healing Virtually All Diseases” by Madison Cavanough.  According to this book, there is one fundamental cause of almost all illness.  First, you must understand that no one can cure anyone of anything: only your body can cure itself and only if it is provided with the proper nutritional building blocks.  If you eat no food, you will die in a matter of months.  If you drink no water, you will die in a matter of days.  If you breathe no oxygen, you will die in a matter of minutes.  That should indicate that oxygen is the most fundamental item required for life and health.  So, the author of “The One-Minute Cure” is telling you the lack of adequate oxygen in your bloodstream and down at your cellular level is the primary cause of all illness: and I agree, but you may need more Vitamin D-3 and Magnesium, plus Calcium.  Most people are getting enough Calcium but most do not have an adequate amount of D-3 and Magnesium. Well, am I giving away her secret?  No. You must read her book. My book “Surviving Without Your MD” is purely supplemental, but necessary.

I believe if everyone would read these two books, we could correct the problems we have, and at the same time begin really curing people. That in turn would reduce the medical insurance rates.

You may order “The One-Minute Cure” The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh by phone 323-982-8415 or online @ ScientificCancerCure.com (the fastest way to order).

You may order my book “Surviving Without Your MD” on our website ericiswinning.com by clicking on “Order A Book”.
These two books could and should revolutionize medical treatments and allow us to live longer and healthier lives.  There is nothing to buy, other than books and I have no financial interest in the first book, and that one is a must read!


You have now learned that you may prevent and cure heart disease with Nitric Oxide and you can prevent and cure Cancer with oxygen.  You can also cure most any illness with oxygen treatments suggested in the book “The One-Minute Cure”.  There are over 40 neuro-illnesses and I am living proof that there is a cure for them.

Most people refuse to believe what they do not want to believe and they do not want to believe that our doctors are doing anything wrong.  Please don’t be one of them.