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February 2012

(35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide)

Here are two stories about Peroxide that I must tell you.

The first one is that I may not have made it clear in my November 2011 Update that Peroxide may very well be the best method of detoxifying your body.  That’s my opinion because of my own experience with it.  I have tried many methods of detox but I know that the Peroxide has worked better for me than any other.  So, how do I know that?  I know that because when my body is detoxifying, I break out in large pimples on my head and I pee frequently.  I may have told you that before but this is a reminder and an update.  I have now been taking peroxide daily for about three months, the pimples are almost gone and I no longer pee frequently.  Now that tells me that my body was doing a good job of detoxifying and now I must be relatively free of toxins.  One more thing, the author of “The One-Minute Cure” says to begin taking 2 or 3 drops in water 3 times a day and then increase by 1 drop everyday until you are up to 25 drops, 3 times per day.  I do not know that you have to go that far because I’m not doing that and I’m having good results.  You should decide that on your own based on your experience.  I found it very difficult to drink water with Peroxide in it 3 times a day, 1 hour before and 3 hours after eating any food.  So, I only do it twice a day and I’m up to 5 drops each time.

Here is the second story about H202.  The author of the book I mentioned makes the claim that H202 will cure almost everything and that includes the Big “C” (CANCER).  Here’s my story about that!  I have had a skin problem on the tip top of my bald head right where my head reaches the sky and believe it or not, for about 40 years.  No medical doctor was ever able to help me.  One doctor did tell me that it was a pre-cancerous growth.  Remembering that, and if Peroxide can cure Cancer, then maybe it would work on my skin as well.  Now I am delighted to tell you that it is working.  Now a word of caution: whether you are drinking or putting it on your skin, you must dilute with water, otherwise it will burn the hell out of you.  I’ve been mixing 1 part of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide with 5 parts of water.  Then I put in a spray bottle and spray on my skin.  That still burns a lot but it works.

Another doctor told me that my skin growth was caused by a virus.  I want to point out to you that our medical doctors with years of practice and medical school do not know this. There are (3) natural remedies that will kill a virus and they are 1-Chlorine Dioxide, 2-Collodial Silver, 3-H202 Peroxide.  MD’s have NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS THAT WILL KILL A VIRUS.  Do you realize that the common cold and the flu are caused by a virus?  So, I believe if you were to take a small amount of any of the 3 daily, you would never have a cold or the flu or any other virus caused illness.

Now just imagine that folks!  With this information you can cure and prevent many illnesses that your MD cannot.  By the way, flu shots are a joke, in my opinion.

Well, that’s it for this month, until again in March!