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August 2012

The Seven Most Effective Things That I Have Done To Improve My ALS Condition

The best thing that I have done was not in the beginning.  I stopped all progress of my ALS many years ago, but after many years I realized that I was not improving.  So, I did what I have recommended that others should consider doing AND I MOVED MY RESIDENCE.  Within about three weeks I had more improvement than ever.

EXERCISE – I would not be in the condition that I’m in today had I not exercised all these years.  I recommend that you move every muscle that you can many times every day.

MY TWO MERCURY DENTAL FILLINGS – These were removed years ago: but I know I would not be alive today had I not done that.

COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY – That was the 1st thing that I did when I didn’t know what else to do.  In order to beat ALS, you must detoxify the body.  The 1st thing you do to detoxify your body is to clean out your colon and keep it clean.

PSYLLIUM – I drink one glass of water with Psyllium every morning before breakfast and another before dinner.  That regulates my bowel movement.

ORGANIC FOOD – I eat 100%, (not 99%) ORGANIC food and drink.  You may not realize it, but over the years the FDA has approved well over 25,000 toxic food additives.  Any one of them probably would not hurt you, but again, there are thousands.

DETOXIFY THE BODY AND ELIMINATE ALL TOXINS in your immediate environment, mainly in your home.  Although these are two separate items, you must do both 100%.  When I first wrote the book “Eric Is Winning” I did not know which was the most important, but now I do.  If you don’t eliminate all toxins in your environment you are urinating into the wind!  If you don’t eliminate the toxins that you are exposed to, you will never make any headway because you are adding toxins faster than you can eliminate them.  Over the years, I have done many things to eliminate toxins but what I’m doing now I believe may be the best that you can do.  Every day I drink half of my dinner from the blender.  Every day I put 4-5 asparagus spears and a big bunch of cilantro in my minimum drink, and I mean every day, but on most days I add many more fruits and vegetables to my drink.

Asparagus is the only veggie I know of that will cause the body to produce more Glutathione and the body is not able to detoxify without it.  Cilantro is very good for eliminating Mercury in the body.  In addition, to all that, I put 3 drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in each of my two glasses of water every morning and every evening prior to my meals.

The reason I drink HP every day is because it is known to kill a virus.  If you believe that, and I do, that means if you take some every day you will never have the flu or even a cold: you would never have HIV and it will clean your colon of any unwanted bacteria or virus that may be a real problem for your ALS (read the book “The One-Minute Cure”).