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September 2011

According to what I’ve read any my own personal experiences, Nattokinase can and will dissolve blood clots.  I have been taking Nattokinase for about 3 years now for swollen legs and it works.  I have also read and experienced the benefit to Arthritis by taking Vitamin B3/Niacinamide.  I have read that Niacinamide may also provide improvement for Alzheimer’s patients.  Both of these products have great benefits to your circulation, but there is one more called Nitric Oxide.  Three US Medical Doctors shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for discovering that Nitric Oxide will prevent and cure heart disease.  Now it has occurred to me that ANYTHING which improves your circulation should be beneficial to any and all ALS patients.

There is much more about all of this in our new book “Surviving Without Your MD”.

When I wrote my first book “Eric Is Winning” I remember wondering which chapter was the most important: the one on detoxifying your body or the one on eliminating toxins within your environment.  Only now do I know the answer:  the answer is eliminating toxins within your environment.

Someone wrote to me recently with a question and here was my reply.

To answer your question on HGH. I took those shots for about a month. I noticed very minor improvement during the time I was taking them, HOWEVER, the improvement did not last. That is why I keep telling you that HGH along with Stem Cells are both Phase II treatments and they will do nothing to improve your condition until you have completed Phase I. You will only know when you are ready for Phase II when you have some indication of improvement.
Cindy, let me emphasize one more thing. Based on my experience and all the many emails that I get, I would bet money that you have not eliminated all toxins in your environment. There are so many sources of toxic vapors that must be eliminated before you can even hope for improvement. Again, I would bet money that you have not eliminated all of them.

May I suggest that you review all of the last 5 or 6 Monthly Updates on our website ericiswinning.com. More than 1 of them relates to what we are talking about and in 1 of them I list all of the sources of toxins that you might want to be aware of.

I am writing this today to suggest that all of you reading this put more emphasis on eliminating toxins in your environment because I think that’s your biggest problem.


It will do you absolutely no good to detoxify your body and then at the same time expose your body to more new toxins, that does not make good sense.

You must eliminate ALL toxins in your home, in your car, and anywhere else that you spend time.  When I go into any store, I now wear a respirator with a filter.  I no longer go to church because too many women stop and talk to me that are wearing too damn much perfume.

My last thought is that if you are doing all you know to do and are not improving, I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut that you have not eliminated all toxins in your environment.

I really hope this helps you because it should.