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October 2011

Well, Well, Well, here it is that I’m in my 21st year of ALS from the date of my first symptom AND I am still learning.  I will tell you about my most recent experiences, but first I want to emphasize one point.

By the time you are seriously handicapped by ALS, you are very sensitive to any and all toxins.  Our bodies are well equipped with a very good immune system.  However, the creator of our bodies had no idea that we would be exposed to so much and so many toxins.  Today in the USA, probably everything that you touch, eat or breathe contains toxins.  A major part of your immune system is the blood/brain barrier that prevents the toxins that are floating around in your blood stream from entering your brain cells and doing damage to them.  But, eventually the blood/brain barrier will break down.  Once that happens, you are in deep trouble and the only way out of it is to eliminate ALL TOXINS FROM YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR BODY.  This is the point that I want to emphasize.  IF YOU FAIL TO DO THAT YOU WILL NEVER IMPROVE YOUR ALS CONDITION.

Now, let me tell you what I’ve learned recently.  ALL PLASTIC IS TOXIC:  SOME OF IT MORE SO.  Remember, I am now extremely chemical sensitive, so I know from my experience what is toxic and what is not.  That is really a great benefit because when I’m exposed to a toxin I will know about it immediately.  I have now eliminated all plastic from my food.  I now store all my food in the freezer and refrigerator in BPA free glass containers.  They have plastic lids but they do not touch the food.  You know I drink one or two Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks everyday.  I just realized I was drinking all those Lattes through a straw!  Damn it!  Am I dumb or what?  I now have stainless steel straws that I take with me everyday to Starbucks and I truly believe that is helping me.

I am now having the most consistent improvement I’ve ever had.  I believe that it is only happening because I have now eliminated all toxins in my home and car (plastic).  I have washed the plastic in my car and the leather furniture in my home with a water/vinegar solution.  All of the wood furniture in my home is either made of Red Oak or sealed with a non-toxic polyurethane.  I had a new bed in the guest bedroom and I had the mattress steam cleaned and replaced the entire wood frame of the box springs with Red Oak.  Now, this sounds like a lot of stuff to do and it may cost money, but the point is if you don’t remove every toxin in your home you will die of ALS.  It is just that simple!  There are a lot of other things you need to do also but I’ve written about them in my two books or previous Monthly Updates.

Here is one last thought.  If you go more than a few months with no indication that your treatment is successful, then you are not doing enough.  I know that if you eliminate all toxins in your body and environment you will get better:  I know that.

Good luck on your elimination program!

PS:  A documentary is being made about ALS for TV and I am the lead character.  A preview of this documentary is available on this website.  To view go to “About Eric” and click on the link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SblpGuUhX6A