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June 2011



Now and then someone tells me by email that all my suggestions are way too expensive.  THAT’S NOT TRUE.  It would be dumb on my part to not tell you about something that is good for you only because it was expensive, so I tell you everything.  Now I’m beginning to wonder if many of you ignore many of the inexpensive suggestions because they sound too simple.  That’s why I’m reminding you about Asparagus.  I know from my own experience that Asparagus works and it works well.  Your body normally produces Glutathione, which is absolutely necessary for your body to detoxify, no matter what other method you may be doing.


Now I ask you, what could be so effective and simple and inexpensive?

What…you don’t like Asparagus?  Well, that’s “tuff apples”, you’d better shut up and eat it anyway!  Well, I say that with a little bit of jest and because you (jest) can’t ignore that!  I am now eating Asparagus 5 or 6 times per week.

Viagra vs Testosterone

For a long time now, I have hesitated to write about something that involves sex, but this is too good to ignore also.  The only reason I’m writing this is because this is something that everyone should know about, and it does relate to avoiding drugs.  Remember, you will never beat ALS, in my opinion, if you continue to take any prescription drug long term.  If you have the slightest doubt about that, you’d better read our new book “Surviving Without Your MD”.  By the way, there is a whole new synopsis about our book on our website ericiswinning.com that you really must read.  If you have ED (Erectile Dysfunction) you may be taking Viagra or some other prescription drug.  Now I know that you don’t need that, in my opinion.  Here are the items in progressive order of their effectiveness:  the bottom item being the most effective.

Vitamin E

Testosterone and DHEA are not drugs but they do require a prescription from your doctor.  As we get older our bodies naturally produce less and less of the hormones that the body needs.  Testosterone and DHEA are two of those natural hormones.  DHEA would be my first choice because it causes the body to produce more of ALL of it’s natural hormones including testosterone, and that’s the one you really need for ED.

Now, obviously I am unwilling to tell you in any detail about how I know this works, BUT BELIEVE ME, they do work.

The New Mattress

Most of you have been reading my Monthly Updates for some time and you probably remember that I moved from my home of 15 years and into a new home.  I have had much improvement since moving out because we had 4 computers in my home and 1 or more of them were on all day.  Some are worse than others but all computers put out a toxic vapor when they are on.  But, the main reason I moved was there was something in the air in the mobile home park that was hurting me.  That may have been caused by the Oleanders and/or the chemicals used on the golf course and the 12 ponds in the park.  Anyway, I have had a lot of improvement since I moved.  But, there have been many ups and downs because when I moved I brought in a lot of new furniture that was toxic and have since removed it.  One item that I became aware of was a new mattress.  But, I had the new mattress steam cleaned and now I believe it is alright.  Just another reminder to be very careful about anything new that you bring into your home because it may be toxic.  Well, that’s all for this month.

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