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July 2011

Let me begin today with an email that I received recently.  Then, I will make some more comments after you have read it.


I met a woman in Florida two weeks ago who has been battling for ten years to heal her son, who from ages 6 to 16 was "spectrum" autistic after last shots for school when he was 6. They tried chelation, tons of different supplements, detox of all kinds.

Well six months ago she started him on ASEA and around that time she also bought the sauna above and he went on it for 30 min per day. About the 4th or 5th week in they noticed instead of clear sweat, this yellow-brown gunk was coming out of his body. From the day this stuff started coming out, his brain started coming back. The yellow-brown continued for several weeks, and to this day her son still uses the sauna 30-40 min per day.

He is now 17 and a straight A student. Before this, they were really wondering what they were going to do with him as an adult. He now has a future.

I'm sharing this because what an inexpensive way to detox! It is effective for both metal and chemical toxins, you can fold it, it is portable. What I like best is that since your head is out, you are not breathing in the mercury or chemical fumes you have just sweated out!


Health Advocates Energize your Cells, Heal Naturally and Perform at Peak
To buy ASEA: www.healthadvocates.teamasea.com
Patricia Tamowski 914-582-3194


Now, you must agree this is an amazing story.  I have known about ASEA for several months now, but I haven’t told you about it yet.  I have been taking 6 ounces of ASEA daily for several months and I believe it is helping me.  However, I am taking so many other things that I really can’t say, BUT, I have heard some amazing stories about how it has helped people with other illnesses so I wanted to let you know.

Coincidently, we just received another amazing story about ALS.  I do not need to make any comment:  the email speaks for itself.  Here it is:



In January 2010, I was diagnosed with ALS by two neurologists from the veterans Administration, also a neurologists from Savannah, Ga, plus the head neurologists from Duke University. In kind words from all four, they more or less said, go home and die.
My only problem was in my left leg, sever atrophy. My problems started in 2009, tripping, numbness and limping.

I bought your book in August 2010, and followed a lot of the steps you wrote about. First, I had 5 large Mercury fillings removed, then I bought enough Chelation tablets to last for two months (took 6 a day). Plus Clay Baths.
Changed my diet, but didn't cut out everything, I still get by OK.

While doing the Chelation, I started in October 2010, to exercise on a stationary bike. Immediately my leg started to gain muscle. Now 9 Months later, I still cannot walk without a cane, but I still have not built enough hamstring muscle. I also went to an Acupuncturists, which help re-connect the nerves to my left foot. All feeling has returned, and still have some foot drop. But, I will walk normal again. 

Thanks for your insight and help with this hideous disease.

Bill Buchanan