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January 2011

If you have already read my book “Eric Is Winning”, you should already know that drugs have played no part in the treatment of my ALS and that I avoid them like the plague. That’s why we wrote our new book “Surviving Without Your MD” and that’s why you must read it. You may never recover from ALS if you continue to take prescription drugs or any drug. The following article will give you the main theme of our new book “Surviving Without Your MD” and then the book will provide you with many more facts and what to do instead of drugs.

The Hard Facts About Healthcare in the USA

Everyone knows that healthcare is a major problem primarily because of the high costs. But few people realize the large scope of the problem and even fewer people know why or understand the real cause of the problem.


The drug companies virtually own our healthcare system. Their money influences the FDA, the FTC, the NIH, the Medical Schools and most all of the MD’s.

If you were a large corporation producing and selling many products, would you spend time and money developing a new product that would make all of your other products obsolete and thereby reducing your profits 90%? Well, that’s what would happen if any of the drug companies developed a cure.


As long as our system remains the same, they will not develop any drug that will cure in the next 50 years either. The list of incurable illnesses continues to get longer and longer and you would think that this should be getting shorter if our healthcare system was only good. If you question this, why don’t you ask your MD if he has cured any of his/her patients lately?


I developed a 100% fatal disease with no cure and even no treatment. In 1995, four different MD’s told me I had six months to live and I proved them wrong.

I have learned much more but here are the basics.

If you believe that there are no cures for heart disease and cancer, you are sadly mistaken. In the late 1940’s Dr. Gershen appeared before the US Congress together with 6 or 7 patients. They all testified and presented their medical records to prove that they had all been CURED OF THEIR CANCER with no dangerous drugs like chemotherapy. Evidently the US Congress totally ignored that fact. Today, there are many clinics in Mexico and right here in the USA which are using his methods to cure cancer. This is all done by word of mouth because no one dares in this country to say out loud or in writing that they can cure cancer. I know, I’ve been to one clinic here in the USA and I’ve talked to some patients there.

There was an American doctor in the late 1800’s who discovered that cancer can not stand heat. They are using that method among other types of treatment to cure cancer in clinics in Germany. I have been to a clinic in Germany and I believe this is true.
In 1998 a group of 3 American doctors were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that Nitric Oxide could prevent and cure heart disease. More details of all this and much more health information will be found in our new book “Surviving Without Your MD”.

Their discovery of a cure for HEART DISEASE has been totally IGNORED.


Most people run to their medical doctor when they get sick because that is the only treatment available for which their medical insurance will pay. But most MD’s prescribe only prescription drugs and/or surgery. With rare exception such as an antibiotic, prescription drugs do not cure. As a result we have over 80 chronic illnesses for which the MD’s do not offer a cure. Most MD’s prefer to prescribe drugs which are FDA approved and they prefer to avoid any treatment that is not FDA approved.

We have been spending millions and millions of dollars year in and year out for well over 50 years that I know of with virtually no results. There has been no significant change in our treatment of cancer in all those years. That must be the world’s dumbest investment, all because the FDA will never approve any natural substance.

Therefore, as long as our system remains the same, the MD’s will never recognize a cure for any illness.


It is advisable and just common sense to avoid ingesting any hazardous or toxic substance.

All prescription drugs are toxic.

Ingesting any drug or toxic substance LONG TERM violates good judgment and borderlines insanity.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS DO NOT CURE. If you have one of the over 80 chronic illnesses for which you MD has no cure, then common sense should dictate that you look elsewhere.

What happens if our doctors are all unable to cure? The number of patients with a chronic (incurable) illness grows and the number of patients taking drugs grows and the drug companies make more and more money.

Now folks, there is THE PROBLEM.

If you are looking for a cure, do not look to your MD.

The doctors of today will become the nutritionists of tomorrow or today’s nutritionists will be the doctors of tomorrow.


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