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February 2011

Minerals – This is BIG!

Dr. Linus Pauling (the vitamin c guy) told us years ago that deficiency of minerals was coincidental with ALL ILLNESSES.  So, if you want to be healthy in my opinion, you must avoid being deficient in any mineral.  By the way, I get a lot of email asking me about how many detox treatments are needed before you have improvement.  Well, I don’t know.  That’s like asking how long is a piece of string?  But, the good news is there are two ways of measuring your progress that I must remind you of:  The hair analysis and your pH.  As you detox your body your pH should go up and be more Alkaline.  Also, a new hair analysis will show you any progress you made in detoxifying for heavy metals.  NOTE:  Not all toxins show up in your hair analysis.  The hair analysis will also indicate any mineral deficiency.  As you eliminate mineral deficiencies, your pH should also go up.

Now, here is the hot news!  Current research indicates that there is a strong correlation between elevated heavy metals and a shortage of the mineral MANGANESE.  This has not been proven yet, but if that proves to be correct then that would explain why only some of us have high heavy metals while all of us are exposed to them.  It appears that the body pulls in other metals when it has a shortage of some other metal such as manganese that it needs.  Now, I think that is really big.  That would explain why two people with a mouthful of mercury fillings and only one of them get ALS.  It also points out the absolute necessity to get a hair analysis to be sure that ALL MINERALS are at a proper level.

I just got out my oldest and most recent hair analysis.  My oldest one is from August 2005 and I am at .02, well below the suggested range.  My latest hair analysis of April 2010 indicated that I am at .042, slightly above the middle of the suggested range.  So, my conclusion is that the theory is probably correct.  There are two things of major importance that I have learned in the last few years.  This theory about manganese is one of them.  I might remind you now of the other one. 

GLUTATHIONE is absolutely necessary for the body to eliminate any toxin.

Therefore, any detoxification treatment program must include Glutathione in my opinion.  If you don’t do that, that would be just like trying to roll a big boulder up a steep hill.  I also believe that the best way to increase any substance that your body needs is by eating food that will cause the body to produce more.  Now, that’s where Asparagus comes in.  I have read that eating Asparagus will do that.  I now eat a generous portion of Asparagus about every other day.  My body tells me that it is working.

Now folks, if you have not done this before, rush to read the Regimen Outline on this website and order your hair analysis and pH kit.


This is all about something that I wrote in my book “Eric Is Winning”, but few people seem to understand.

I have never been an extremist.  I have always favored the middle of the road.  But, when you’re treating ALS, you must be an extremist.

You might wonder why I have survived this long and yet I’m not completely better yet.


You see, I began to have improvement very early and because of that, I failed to do everything that I should have.  But also, I did not know everything then either.

Now that I have moved my place of residence and changed many more things, I now have even more improvement and the future looks much better for me now.

So, what is an extremist when treating ALS?  Well, you absolutely MUST eliminate every damn toxin in your environment and avoid going places that might be toxic.  What do you mean by that Eric?  Well, I avoid going into any public restroom because they have chemical deodorizers.  I also avoid the mall or any store such as a clothing store.  Why?  Because the vapor from the clothing is toxic

Your food must be 100% non-toxic.  That means all organic.  I eat only food that is all organic and that includes organic salt, butter and even organic water.  I even bathe in organic water.

You must eliminate every POSSIBLE toxin in your home, car and place of work.  I am not a doctor so I’m not able to recommend anything for any individual, however, I believe I can tell you that if you don’t do all of this and be a complete extremist, you will never make it: based solely on my own experiences and what I’ve read in books written by medical doctors.

Now here’s a word of advice.  Some of your family members and/or friends may think you’re nuts!  However, it is your life not theirs.  You must do what you believe.  You must believe in yourself and you must learn.  Don’t just take my word for it, read and learn all that you can.  You must start with my regimen outline that you will find on my website ericiswinning.com.  Just remember, that I am living proof of what I say.  I am now in my 21st year from the date of my first symptom.

If you have ALS or any other serious illness, I believe you must be an extremist if you have any hope of surviving.  So, why don’t you just once “be an extremist”?


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