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August 2011

Over the years I have thought about providing you with a list of items that may be toxic so you’d know what to avoid.  Well, I haven’t done that because I knew that I didn’t know it all.  Now, I think I have learned enough to provide you with a list.  But remember, I do not know it all and there may be many more items that are not listed.

I really hope this helps you avoid toxins because it doesn’t make any sense to detoxify your body while at the same time adding more toxins.

Common List of Toxins to Avoid

The following are items that you should never apply to your skin and everyone in your home should do the same.  If they don’t, you will be breathing the vapor from them.

Suntan Lotion Other Body Lotions Cosmetics
Hairspray All Dental Fillings (especially Mercury) Perfume and Cologne
Toothpaste Deodorant Nail Polish
Aftershave Lotion Soap Shampoo and Conditioner
Ointment applied to the skin    

In Your Home
The following items may have chemicals applied to them that may put off a toxic vapor for several years from the time they are new.  You may reduce these vapors by steam cleaning some of the items and sealing the wood items with a non-toxic paint or poly urethane.

Wood Furniture Wood Paneling Upholstered Furniture
Carpeting Wood Flooring Wall Board or Drywall
Interior Wall Paint Draperies Computers
Appliances like TV’S Household Cleaning Products Detergents
Bleach (Use Peroxide) Clothing Bug Spray
Bedding and Pillows Tap Water Garden Products/Pesticide
Mattresses Air Fresher Spray Scented Candles

In addition to all of the above, a major source of toxins may be caused by MOLD.  You may find Mold in your wood flooring, inside your walls and any other area in your home where moisture may be present.

Outside Home
The following items should not be on, in, or around your home anywhere.  They put off a toxic vapor.

Pesticide and other Yard Chemical Sprays Swimming Pool Chemicals
(Use Peroxide or Colloidal Silver)

In Your Neighborhood
You really do not want to live near any of the following, and if you have any in your neighborhood, you’d better seriously consider moving.

Golf Courses Water Ponds Industrial Plants
Gas Fumes from nearby freeways    

Number one, you must eat all organic food:  not 90% but a 100% all organic diet, preferably USDA Certified Organic.  Follow a nutritious diet of a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts.  Meat is okay but not a lot of it.  Eat only fish that are free of Mercury.  Do not heat your food in the microwave.  Do not store or cook any food in plastic containers; use glass, porcelain or stainless steel.  Milk cartons are okay!  Plastic contains chemicals and is not fit for storing your food and the chemicals can leech into your food, especially when warmed or frozen and then thawed.  The chemicals are toxic and may even cause Cancer.  Nowadays, the plastic food containers are graded by the number stamped on the bottom.  Those stamped 3, 6, 7 are the worst, 4, 5 are better and 1, 2 are better yet.  But remember, it is still plastic and it is still toxic.


Tap water contains toxic chemicals and maybe even dangerous heavy metals.  Tap water is not even fit for bathing.  Buy the very best water filter available that filters all water before coming into your home.  Never store water in plastic.  Do not freeze water in plastic.