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April 2011

Now and then I get an email from someone who is doing everything but they are not getting better.  My usual reply is the following, but I say it in a much nicer way.


This month I want to give you an idea of what EVERYTHING means.  First of all, everything means eliminating ALL toxins from your body, beginning with your Mercury/Silver fillings and eliminating ALL toxins in your environment.  ALL means ALL – 100% or maybe 99.9%.  Remember, the life you save may be your own.

In our December update we told you all about what I’m eating and now there is a lot more and some changes in my supplements.

One way to eliminate the toxins in your environment and in your home is to move.  Most people who have ALS who have done “everything” and still are not improving, have not eliminated the toxins in their home.  Although I have had much improvement over the years, last year I was not improving fast enough and I knew something was wrong in my environment.

That’s when I took my own advice and moved.

Since I have moved, I have much more sustained improvement without the frequent setbacks that I was having.

When you move, you must select a home that is toxin free 100% AND in a non-toxic area.  No large grassy areas like golf courses and no nearby factories, etc.  Remember, the main thing is avoiding toxins and although everything else is purely supplemental, it is important for overall good health.  So, I want to tell you everything I’m doing now.

1. When I moved, I bought a home that has all tiled floors except for the (3) bedrooms.  I replaced the old carpeting with all new organic carpeting (natural fibers and dyes).  I installed a water purification system so that every drop of water coming into the home is purified.  Additionally, we have an Akai water filter on the kitchen tap.  An air filter/air purifier was installed on our ac/heating system.  The entire inside of the home was painted with all natural, non-toxic paint and all of the wood furniture has been coated with a non-toxic polyurethane.  THERE ARE NO TOXIC COMPUTERS IN MY HOME ANYMORE.  Nothing in my immediate area produces any toxic fumes or vapors.  I live in the desert so no nearby neighbors have lawns to spray with chemicals.

2. I eat only organic food:  not 50%, not 80 or 90%, but ALL organic food.  That includes the salt, butter, and everything that goes into my food.  The cooking oil used is pure olive oil or coconut oil.  Cooking is done only in all stainless or glass pans.  I never use the microwave.  I eat eggs and toast or oatmeal or cereal with soy milk for breakfast.  For lunch, I drink 1-2 Chai Tea Lattes with soy and that is everyday.  For dinner I drink about half of my meal from a heavy duty blender.  I put all of my supplements for the evening in my blended drink.

3. Here is a list of my supplements and they are all in either powder form, liquid, in a capsule which I empty out the contents and throw away the capsule, or a cream that I apply to my skin.  I take no supplement in a tablet form.

ALL of my supplements are made from natural foods and they are all organic.

Longvida Psyllium Natural Vitality Liquid Multi
Liquid Manna ASEA B-Complex
Thyroid Aloe Juice D-3
Liquid Iodine Calcium Citrate Nattokinase
Resveratrol *Magnesium Oil, DHEA, Testosterone (*these are all applied to my skin)




I plan to add about 4 oz. of Colloidal Silver everyday.

I also eat a lot of Asparagus!

My current diet and supplements are much improved over anything I have done before.  I believe this is why my Ph is higher than ever before, and more consistant.  It is now an 8.0 all the time.

We hope this helps you!


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