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September 2010


When I wrote the book "Eric is Winning," I said I wasn't sure which was the most important: Chapter 7 -- Avoid all Toxins or Chapter 8 -- Detoxify the Body. Well now I know and the answer is AVOID ALL TOXINS.

I have been detoxifying my body for several years now but I am not completely cured yet. The reason is that I continue to find toxins in my environment which must be eliminated. That is why I am not completely recovered yet.

It is my belief that it does very little good to detoxify your body while you are exposing it to new toxins.

When people write to me and tell me that they are following our Regimen Outline but they are not improving, the answer that I always write back is that "On the surface it is all very simple. You really have not done enough to detoxify your body or you are still exposed to toxins in your environment." Although the answer is very simple, avoiding exposure to toxins in your environment is very, very difficult.

I have eliminated all types of chemical cleaning products, all toxic body lotions, and I have a very good water filter and on and on and on. BUT, I never thought about the computer. Not long ago I read that virtually all home computers are made with fire retardant toxic chemicals. Recently I have confirmed by my own experience that this must be true. Fortunately, I have become very chemical sensitive because I now know immediately or within a few hours when I have been exposed to new neuro toxins. I recently had a very bad experience with a new laptop computer. I have experimented with the computer off for several days and then on for several days and I now know anyone with ALS should not have a computer on in their home. I know that is hard to believe and harder to accept but that is what my own experience tells me.

The bottom line is this: You must be your own detective. You must be aware of what is in your environment and whether or not it may possibly be toxic. My belief is that when in doubt you must err on the side of caution. If you don't, the price you may pay is too great.


Here is another web site about amalgam removal:



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My father-in-law, Tom Smith, recently passed away from complications due to ALS. We have a very nice $10,000 bed. It has air circulation to avoid pressure sores and is Like New! We live in Seattle WA. If you know of anybody in the Northwest who might need this bed, please give them my phone number. We would not charge anything for the bed. It really is like new. Tom always preferred the couch.

Thank you!

Carmen Smith