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November 2010


Often times we receive  emails from ALS patients complaining that all of my suggestions are too expensive or they are doing everything and still show no improvement.  So  today, I would like to provide you with new information on both subjects.

My first comment is for those who complain about the high cost.  Firstly, anyone who thinks that does not have the right attitude.  You must approach any problem with a PMA “POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE”.  All of my suggestions are not expensive.

For example, going on a diet of all raw fruits and vegetables would probably save you a lot of money.    For example, you will not be spending money on pie and ice cream.  Remember, the main things you want to do are to detoxify your body and there are many, many ways to do that and you want to eliminate all toxins in your  environment and we will discuss that more in a minute.

Recently I have learned  more about Glutathione.  Glutathione is something your body produces naturally AND IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR THE BODY TO DETOXIFY.  So whatever you are doing to detoxify you should be taking more Glutathione.  Actually, if you could only do one thing to detoxify, I believe it just might be to take more Glutathione.

Eating asparagus is a very effective way to increase your body’s natural production of Glutathione.

I hope the low budget people are paying attention to that one.  Now I happen to know this works because when my body is detoxifying, I urinate more often.  When I eat asparagus, I urinate more often.  That’s the main reason that you want to drink more water when you are doing any form of detox.

Here is another one for the low budget people.  According to what I’ve read by a medical doctor, eating about one half cup of cilantro will help your body remove Mercury.  There is a lot more about that in our new book “Surviving Without Your  MD” which is available online through our website ericiswinning.com

By the way, if any of you have read some other websites that make wild accusations about me, let me tell you this.  I am not in this for the money; I am simply  trying to help others.  For example, last year when our representatives were hashing over the healthcare bill, I mailed each and every member of Congress one copy of my new book.  There are over 500 members of Congress and that mailing cost me nearly $10,000.  I have not sold anywhere near enough books to recover that expense.

PS:  I am not rich

One last thought about the cost of treatments.  Anything that I may suggest can probably be done a less expensive way and you may have to figure that out.

Now let’s talk about eliminating toxins in your environment.  Whenever a PALS writes to me that they are doing everything in my regimen outline, I really doubt  they are.  So if I were you and I had that problem, I would review our regimen online on our website and be absolutely certain that you have done or are doing everything in Phase I suggested treatment.  Now, I fall into that category.  I have done it all and I am still not improving enough, so I finally figured out that I should take my own advice.  Because I figured out  that something around my home is holding back my improvement, I decided to move.  Within the very first few days of my move I was improving beyond any previous level.  I could go on with a lot of detailed information but I don’t want to take your time to do that.  The simple matter is that I have a lot of improvement, so my suggestion to you is this.  If you have eliminated all known toxins around your home, and you are still not improving, then you’d better think about moving.  You might want to move out temporarily to see what happens.

Well that’s about it for this month.  I hope you enjoy your cilantro and asparagus as much as I do!

Best Regards,