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May 2010


If you read last month's Update, you already know about my hospital visit. I knew my ALS condition was going downhill everyday I was in there because I was not getting organic food or pure water, and no exercise. I had five different physical therapists visit me and they did next to nothing to help me maintain my strength; so I knew I had to get out of there. I was forced to check out AMA (against medical advice). My personal alternative doctor insisted, and I agreed, for me to come to his office immediately which I did. He gave me the usual vitamin/mineral plus glutathione IV. Then he gave me an additional IV of a heavy dose of more glutathione. As a result, I recovered in a few days.


I read a lot of health articles and books. I recently read a long article on glutathione and I learned something that I didn't know before. All glutathione is a chemical that your body makes and without it your body CANNOT detoxify no matter what else you may do. So, providing your body with extra glutathione will not only help your body eliminate toxins, but also is necessary to supplement any other form of detox treatment. As a result of all that I have read about glutathione, I believe your must have more of it if you are really serious about detoxifying.


Now here is some great news for those of you who are on a limited budget:


Note: Our new book "Surviving Without Your MD" includes one full chapter on cancer with many possible cures. Many people believe that eating asparagus three times a day may cure cancer.

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Here is just one more major supplement you must know about. Vitamin D is really important, BUT Vitamin D3 is the all-natural vitamin and that is the one you want. Vitamin D2 is a toxic drug. You do not want that one. According to what I have read, you may need as much as 5,000 or 10,000 units a day. Most people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. One example is that many people who have chronic depression have a Vitamin D deficiency. Now you can put your naked body out in the sun one or two hours a day and you may have enough Vitamin D. Most of us can't do that so we need the supplement.


I had my thyroid gland surgically removed because of a toxic goiter over 50 years ago. As a result, I must take a thyroid supplement everyday. So, I have over 50 years of experience with the effect of various amounts of thyroid. If I take too little, I become weak and lethargic. If I take too much, I become overly stimulated, nervous and very anxious. I found by my own experiment that more thyroid will improve my ability to walk and talk. As a result of that, I would suggest that all ALS patients have their thyroid checked by their MD. There is a range of all test results and you can tell your MD that you want to be at the high end of the range. I believe this is critical.


Here is just one of our recent e-mail:


Dear Eric and Glenna,
Thank you very much for your positive, hopeful and inspiring book of your personal successful struggle with ALS. After it became clear the ALS specialist could do nothing for me but recommend 5 grams per day of creatine, I researched online, found your book and read it twice. I began colon hydrotherapy immediately (in early 2005) and scheduled complete dental revision (amalgams, metal crowns, root-canaled teeth and jawbone osteonecrosis removed). I switched to a whole-food organic diet, did many sessions of IV chelation, and began 3 IV pushes per week of 1400mg glutatione. Finally, I went raw vegan 8 months ago.
The result? My right hand and left toes almost never cramp up anymore, and fasciculations are so rare now as to catch me by surprise. I believe my disease progression has stopped. I never would have had the self-control and courage to make such sweeping (and expensive) changes in my life without the full conviction that if it worked for you, it would work for me. Like you, I also have a very supportive spouse. Both of us marvel at how wonderfully designed our bodies are to heal themselves if we just feed them right and quit poisoning them. Truly, "in a fear-inspiring way [we] are wonderfully made". (Psalm 139:14).
Sincerely and gratefully,
Carol Jensen


Here is her reply to my request to publish her letter:

Dear Eric and Glenna,

You are welcome to use everything I send you. The irony of my testimony is that some wouldn't take it seriously if they knew that I had never had an official diagnosis from the ALS specialist to whom I was referred. Doctors had already ruled out spinal compression, MS and Parkinson's. The slowing nerve conduction velocity, the fasciculations, muscle spasms and cramps, and rapid atrophy of hand, arm, shoulder, back, chest, feet and facial muscles (as well as gradual deterioration in speaking, whistling, and swallowing ability) were enough to convince me that I needed to stop the breakdown of motor neurons before I became disabled. Actual disability is what the ALS specialist wanted to see before "pronouncing" me. I guess it wasn't enough that my legs felt like I was pulling them through mud when I tried to run, or that doors had become difficult to open with just one hand (sound familiar?).

My family physician has always taken me seriously and has cooperated with IV chelation and IV glutathione. Like you, I am also fortunate enough to have a spouse who loves me and is backing me up in my efforts to preserve my remaining motor function.