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June 2010


Cure for Alzheimer's?

Dr. David Williams publishes a monthly health paper called "Alternatives." In the February 2009 issue he talks about a possible cure for Alzheimer's. I recommend that you call (800) 718-8293 for this 2009 back issue. You need to know all the details because I believe that anything that works on Alzheimer's could possibly have a good effect on any other neuro illness like ALS.

Basically, it involves Nicotinamide which is another name for Niacinamide and Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. You need the article for more information on the dosage.

You might want to try this, but I would suggest that you get it from Freeda Vitamins:

Phone (800) 777-3737

or contact them at www.freedavitamins.com

As I have mentioned before, I have had to stop taking all my vitamins and supplements because they are all toxic. I have been taking a Freeda multi vitamin/mineral tablet for sometime now. Remember I am now chemical sensitive and this is the first TABLET that I have found to be non-toxic to my system. My wife, Glenna, has been taking 500 mg Niacinamide from Freeda twice a day for a long time now for the arthritis in her hands and it has helped more than any other supplement that she has tried.

Mold and Mycotoxins and ALS

I received an e-mail the other day about mold and I admit I have not written enough about that before because we live in the desert where it is hot and dry and we haven't had that problem. However, many of you might. So I wrote to Stacey and asked her permission to publish her e-mail and so here it is:


First, good for you!

I got trashed by an MD at Johns Hopkins for even suggesting detox. Well, how many people has he cured? I agree with everything you wrote. Your book is excellent. I would like to share that toxic mold may be more of a factor than you mentioned. I know you included mycotoxins in food, and in Erin Brokovich's house, but based on my experience it is in more homes than not- and stores, workplaces, schools, churches! I have started asking people with MS and ALS if they have had leaks or known mold, and so far I have not received a negative from 3 ALS pts and 5 out of 9 MS ( i do not know about the other 4, but i suspect it).

I know that I was poisoned by toxic mold and then the chemicals got to me. I have wondered if the only difference between the auto-immune groups and the "toxic-mold" groups is that we get out of our moldy homes and detox. We have numb arms and legs, transient paralysis, weight loss, weakness, etc. Here is the catch if you tell an MD, despite these symptoms, that you were exposed to toxic mold- they will throw you out the door, often without an examination. The only plus to that is that we all end up detoxing, using sauna, clay, etc and using supplements bc there is no medical help. NOne of us eat wheat or corn bc of mycotoxins.

Probably the most unique thing about us, as a group, is that we can actually pick up toxic mold bc we sensitize to it, like someone with a peanut allergy. Many of us get MCS- or multiple chemical sensitivity. It is annoying, but it protects us bc we must get away from exposure. So this, is what i wonder- if you dont get out of the mold, or do not sensitize to it- what if you just stay in your house- that is making you ill- and get sicker?
WHen i lived in my home, i had no idea mold was making me sick. My husband has a different genotype so he was not sick. We have 8 kids, but they had different symptoms. Bottom line- I had no idea the mold was making me sick. I cannot tell you how many people's homes i go into with cancer that have mold in them!

I asked a man with ALS at a chelation center-who had improved somewhat- about mold. He laughed and said, i had it in my basement. i demo old houses with mold all the time. Chelation will not bind mycotoxins. Chemicals and mycotoxins bind to fat. That is why clay helps. It is also why cholestyramine pulls them out.

I think mold should be up there as one of the big offenders that is hunted out first thing. You can get better, but it is a long arduous journey and if you breech the levy, most of us have yet to make a full recovery, bc our immune systems break down again with too many hits of toxins. If you are detoxing, though in a house with mold, you will never get fully better- mold toxins are neurotoxic. (DR Ritchie Shoemaker)

We do take cholestyramine to bind the toxins and I also take low-dose naltrexone (love it). I have done hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with all the other things you mentioned. I feel much better. I am 130 instead of 105 lbs, ( i am 5'8) i still have recurrent trouble with my arm and leg. But I am so much more active. i do not have a standard diagnosis, bc as i said, when i told them about the mold, despite the fact that i could not breathe, was dragging my leg, could not grip with my right arm and was a skeleton- they gave me Cymbalta! I had young kids, was 3/4 dead, and they gave me Cymbalta. I used to be a nurse, and that pretty much poisoned me on modern health care.

So Dr Shoemaker's science on neurotoxins saved my hide. Progesterone cream is another, esp for women, and getting hormones corrected including thyroid, for both sexes. These are all things that help those of us with neuro problems in the mold world- maybe we are one in the same, or in the making- who knows. Just wanted to share. I am so encouraged by your book and your progress. Thank you.

God Bless! Keep on trucking, to both of you!
Stacey Hydrick
Beaufort, SC


I wanted to know more about CSM (cholestyramine) and LDN (low-dose naltrexone) so I wrote her again. The following are notes from her reply:


cholestyramine (an old cholesterol lowering drug) taken WITHOUT food, will bind to fat loving toxins, such as chemical and mold mycotoxins. It will pull them from the bile and excrete them from the body. It will not bind metals, you need chelation for that.

- if a doctor tells you cholestyramine will "bind to your nutrients", keep this in mind- I was 105 pounds BEFORE cholestyramine. I am 128 lbs now. The simple key is to take vitamins and other medications 1-2 hours away from the cholestyramine. You will likely feel worse as these toxins are pulled into the gut, at first. Take magnesium and whole leaf aloe or anything that helps with constipation if necessary.

this is a great link that explains biotoxins and why cholestyramine works (CSM).
csm can be compounded without sugar but it is about $90 rather than $10

lowdosenaltrexone.org is excellent I would recommend getting LDN compounded in a cream form for better absorption. The pills are cheaper, but must be mixed and contain chemical additives. The "Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy" explains very specifically why it works. Basically LDN helps boost endorphins, lower pro-inflammatory cytokines, reduces glutamate by reducing nitric oxide synthase activity. ONE CANNOT BE ON OPIATE PAIN KILLERS AND TAKE LDN.

-start looking around and recalling WHERE you first got sick, and where you feel better or worse now. I always thought I felt worse at night. I got sick, so I stayed in the bed more. Turns out there was stachybotrys behind the fireplace in my bedroom and mold on the top of the ceiling. You could not see nor smell mold in my room. It looked perfectly fine. No sign of water damage anywhere. It was all behind the walls. I didn't get sick because it was night- I got worse because that is when I spent the most time in that room! Get outside in the sunshine, and if you feel better, check your house thoroughly for mold, leaks, musty odors.

Have you done hyperbaric oxygen therapy? It is the only thing known to repair neurons, besides Low dose naltrexone, that i know of. They have them all over the US and are studying them increasingly in MS and traumatic brain injury, some ALS. It pushes oxygen deep into capillaries, and helps regenerate neurons. Kills infection and detoxes by pushing toxins into bloodstream. I follow hyperbarics with cholestyramine or sauna to rid the body of toxins that are pushed into the bloodstream.



I have not tried LDN or CSM and you already know my dislike for any drug. However, regardless of my feeling, I thought you might want to try these.