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July 2010



A documentary is now being produced about ALS and Glenna and I are a major part of it. They are now looking for more PALS who have improvement and have been following our regimen. They have a few people now but they need a few more. If any of you have improvement and are following any of our suggestions and would like to be a part of a documentary, please let us know ASAP by sending an e-mail to gredney@aol.com and we will send more information.

The following e-mail is from the wife of a PALS with improvement. But then, the doctor got in the way and he died. This is really a sad story, but I believe it happens everyday. Medical doctors are so accustomed to prescribing drugs that they fail to carefully analyze the risk factors with their individual patients.


Dear Eric and Glenna
I am writing to you about my husband. He was xjonpaul. He wrote you about two years ago after reading your book. I know he wasn't very nice at first but you wrote him back and told him like it was. Thank you for that. We followed a regimen similar to yours and Jon did great. His neurologist was impressed with his progress and told him he had a slow progression with some improvement. In January of this year Jon developed a blood clot in his leg. He was put on coumidan and loveanox injections. Jon's condition got worse. He began losing weight rapidly and progressing quickly. After about six weeks he had enough, he quit taking all medications and got back to his clay baths and vitamins. In April we went to see his neurologist. Since January he had lost about 30 lbs. They suggested a feeding tube. Not what we wanted to hear. Jon deliberated over this and finaly decided to go for it. See he wanted to have more time this summer with our 8 year old daughter. He came out of the surgery ok and came home the next day, all was well. The evening he came home something went wrong. He went into respitory failure. Hospice was called in and the morphine began. See Jon would not go back to the hospital. Over the weekend he began to improve and his doctor thought it might be a clot in his lung. This should have killed him but he came back. By Monday he was taking feedings breathing more and more without his avaps mask and talking to me. The doctor told him he could survive this if he took nourishment and fought. That he did! Jon was tough and the strongest man i know. He improved all week until Friday. Something happened that he just could not fight. I'm not sure what happened but I lost the love of my life in an instant. Jon passed away May 28,2010. I believe that prescription drugs were Jon's downfall. Coumadin is rat poison and has been used for that for years. Jon was doing great until he took that. I know this is a long story and i apologize for taking up so much of your time. I hope you remember him he was an awesome person.
Thank you
Keep up the fight als needs to be defeated.
Lynn Obusek


If you have read our first book "Eric is Winning," you know I believe that toxins are the cause of ALS and probably all the other neuro degenerative illnesses. I am always trying to think of how I might say something with simplicity and above all clarity. I think I have it now and here it is:

"What is a neuro toxin? It is any toxic substance that attacks the nervous system. What are the symptoms of neuro toxin damage? Although there may be other early varied symptoms, the end result is paralysis of the muscles and eventually the organs. What are the symptoms of ALS and most all of the other neuro degenerative illnesses? Although there may be other early varied symptoms, the end result is paralysis of the muscles and eventually the organs. Wait a minute Eric, isn't your answer exactly the same as your first answer? That is a resounding yes. Is that simplicity or not? Now I ask you, could anyone in their right mind tell you that neuro toxins are NOT the cause of ALS? The only question is: "Was the patient exposed to any neuro toxins?" The answer is always another resounding yes. Mercury is only one of the many neuro toxins and you will find Mercury in the air, in the fish we eat and in our dental fillings. Now folks, how can any doctor ignore these facts?"

Prescription Drugs

Now that leads us to this next discussion. Here is a guy who was getting better and then the medical doctor thought he needed some prescription drugs. This is only my opinion, BUT you cannot do any drugs if you have ALS. As I have written many times before, ALL DRUGS ARE TOXIC.

Since ALS is caused by toxins, then for you to take any toxic substances like a drug is counter productive. Here are the only exceptions that I know of: If you have a life threatening situation, then YOU may elect to take a drug but it should be only temporary until you can convert to some natural substance. I believe that for every prescription drug there is a natural substance available. The man in our above e-mail who died probably could have been saved by a natural substance in place of any blood thinner drug. It is called Nattokinase NSK-SD. Nattokinase NSK-SD will dissolve blood clots and therefore will also prevent blood clots according to what I have read. There is much more about this in our new book.

The second exception is antibiotics. I have taken antibiotics for a very short period of time and they had no immediate adverse effect on me. My conclusion is that if your MD prescribes any drugs for you, you must give very serious consideration to the fact that it might kill you. I might remind you that I am curing my ALS condition without the benefit of ANY drug other than DMPS and EDTA by IV. You really should learn more about this problem by reading our new book "Surviving Without Your MD -- Do Prescription Drugs Ever Cure?"


Since I have become very chemical sensitive, I am a living test lab and I can tell you by trial and error whether or not any substance is toxic to me. Several months ago, I was forced to stop taking all of my vitamins because I knew some of them were toxic. I then added them back one at a time and determined that all but one, my Nattokinase, was toxic. Even if the actual vitamin is non-toxic, when they put it in a capsule or make it into a tablet, they are then adding something toxic. Now, I want to tell you what I am now taking that I believe are non-toxic:

Nattokinasse NSK-SD from Even Better Now. http://www.evenbetternow.com/als.php

A multi vitamin/mineral (Monocap), vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide), calcium citrate, and Super Quints B-50 all from Freeda Vitamins Inc. (you can find them on the internet).

The reason I am suggesting Freeda is because they claim that their vitamins do not contain any of the following: gluten, lactose, artificial color, artificial flavor, animal derivatives, sugar or starch, gelatin or yeast.

I have no financial interest in Freeda but I do want you to understand that you must, in my opinion, buy only ORGANIC vitamin pills.

In addition to the above, I am taking magnesium oil by skin application. You will find more information on that in our previous monthly updates.

I am also taking 10,000 units of vitamin D-3.

We hope this helps you.

Eric and Glenna