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January 2010


Frequently we receive e-mail from our readers asking about this or that prescription drug. So, let me make one thing clear. I do not suggest that ALS patients take any drug except in life-threatening emergencies and then only for the shortest time possible. Nowhere in my book do I mention any drug as a part of my regimen. I am so opposed to prescription drugs that Glenna and I have written another book for the purpose of warning everyone about the dangers of them. We are so fierce about this that we mailed our new book with a letter to every member of Congress: 541 books. We actually received several very nice letters thanking us for the book. Now I am writing another letter to our two California Senators and our letter follows. Perhaps you might want to send this same letter to your Senators.


About four or five decades ago, the U.S.A. was in the top ten healthiest countries in the world. Less than half of a century later, we are now near the bottom of the list of the top 100 countries. That may be amazing but wait until you find our why that has happened.

During the same time period, the health care industry has enjoyed rapid growth led by the pharmaceutical companies. There are so many sick people today that we are forecasting a shortage of medical doctors in the next few years. Why are we so sick and the drug companies so rich? If all drugs were effective, then we should be getting healthier.

Most medical doctors treat most of their patients almost exclusively with prescription drugs. The average person in the U.S. has twelve new prescriptions every year. That would be just fine, but for the most part drugs do not cure, AND THAT IS THE CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEM.

If we treat with only drugs and drugs do not cure, then we have more and more sick people.

The reason most drugs do not cure is because they do not treat the real cause; they only treat the symptoms. If we really want to cure our patients, WE MUST look for alternative treatments like I did. I had four different medical doctors diagnose me with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's Disease) which is 100% fatal. All four MD's told me to go home and die because they had no treatment and no cure. I proved them wrong. I'm not only still alive sixteen years after my first diagnosis but I have a lot of improvement. I have no medical training, so how did I do this? I just used common sense and logic and figured out that the cause of a neuro degenerative illness is probably caused by one or more neuro toxins. Isn't that simple? All but one of the many MD's that I have talked to over the years have absolutely no interest in learning how I survived ALS. That, of course, is a major part of our problem--our MD's are simply not interested in treating patients with anything other than drugs. Have they been brainwashed or what? I think so.

Our health care costs will continue to increase just as they have been unless this is corrected. Most people are unaware of these facts because their MD's are totally above question. However, if you will read our book, you will find out the facts do not support the trust we place in them.

The title of our book is "Surviving Without Your MD" by Eric and Glenna Edney.

Please read our book to get the full picture and all the facts. Nothing will change unless our Congress takes some action. Big Pharma is in total control now. You might say they own our medical care system.


Eric Edney