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August 2010


Now and then we receive an e-mail wanting to know how much exercise a PALS should do. Of course I am unable to recommend or even suggest any exercise program for any individual. That is impossible without knowing more about the individual. HOWEVER, that has all changed with the advent of the Power Plate. I will tell you more about what that is in a minute.

Who need exercise? Everyone. There are two major types of exercise:

One is the light exercise done to simply maintain the strength and mobility that you now have. PALS really need that.

Two is heavy exercise that you do to build muscles and strength. From the time you are first diagnosed with ALS, you need a program of light exercise. When you have stopped all progression of the disease, then you need heavier exercise to rebuild. The Power Plate is perfect for both types of exercise.

Now I don't like to recommend anything that is very expensive. However, the Power Plate is so perfect, in my opinion, for what you need that I must tell you about it and urge you to buy one even if you have to refinance your house. The cheapest one costs a little over $2000.

By the way, I have NO financial interest in this or anything else I suggest. There is more than one company who makes them and I don't care where you buy it.

The real beauty of the Power Plate for an ALS patient is that it will affect all your muscles, even the ones you are unable to move. When you read about it you will understand more. Basically what is does is vibrate your entire body and cause your muscles to flex involuntarily. Another great thing for any PALS is that you can use it for maximum benefit if you are able to stand on it. Or, you can even sit on it. Now when I say it will affect every muscle, I mean every muscle. It will affect the muscles in your mouth that you use for swallowing and talking. It will also affect the muscles in your bowels. I know this because I have had one for 18 months and already have enjoyed much improvement in my strength in various muscles.

As you know, I have already stopped all progress of my ALS condition a long time ago. I now believe that unless you have some form of exercise, like a Power Plate, you will never recover your strength to what it was before ALS. I believe that every ALS patient needs some form of exercise to either maintain mobility and strength or to restore and rebuild and the Power Plate is perfect in my opinion.

If I were you, I would buy one even if had to beg, borrow or steal to get one. Remember, you are in the fight of your life.

See the July 2009 Update on this web site for more information and where to buy it.