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April 2010

Six days in the hospital, a urinary tract infection, non-infectious acute hepatitis, drugs and heavy metal poisoning.

I have always said that you must eliminate all toxins in your home and elsewhere and if you miss any one toxin, that might be a fatal mistake. The first three months of this year has re proven that to me. Here is what happened and I hope you will learn from my experience.

In mid-January, my wife went on a cruise and I hired a caregiver for seven days 24 hours a day. I also began drinking my Chinese herbal tea. On the fourth day, I got up out of bed in the morning, moved my feet around, turned around, and sat down in my scooter better than I ever had in the last ten years. I had just experienced the most improvement also. I remained the same until Glenna came home. Within a short time, I began to get worse. Now I must say it's not Glenna's fault, but coincidental. I began to think what was different when Glenna was gone and when she returned home. There were two major items. One, Glenna and I normally go out everyday and that means going into a public restroom where they have chemical deodorizers. While Glenna was gone, I never left the house. Number two, also when Glenna was gone, all computers were off and never turned on for even one minute. I also remember reading that all electronics are sprayed with a highly toxic fire retardant.

When I began to get worse, I was OK in the morning and then later in the day I would get very weak. Also, one day I was by my brand new computer for about one hour and the fan in the computer was blowing out right on me and there was an unusual odor. That's when I remembered the article about the fire retardant. Later that day I was much weaker than ever.

For the last few years I have become convinced that there is something in or around our home that was bothering me and now I knew what it was.

The first thing that I did was I stopped drinking my Chinese herbal tea about February 20. By that time my urine was a very dark color and I went to my doctor. He told me I had a urinary tract infection and gave me a drug called Bactrim. Now you know I don't do prescription drugs except in emergencies. I took this drug for two days and then I quit because it made me very sick. About that time my doctor had the results of my latest blood test. He told me on the phone that I should go to the ER immediately because my liver was shutting down. The normal reading on your liver should be from 1 to 10 and mine was over 1000. I thought I was going to die so I went to the ER immediately. The ER doctor asked me a lot of questions about what may have caused my liver problem. He thought it was the drugs. He put me on a penicillin IV. However, my doctor did not agree and he thinks it was the Chinese herbal tea. He has read that a lot of Chinese herbal tea contains heavy metals.

I am telling you all the details so you can make up your own mind because I don't know for sure. I think both doctors may be right. At any rate, I'm all right now. I came home from the hospital about ten days ago. I have been improving ever since and of course there are no computers on in our home and I don't go in a public restroom. That's why if you have sent us an e-mail in the last month, you received no answer.

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