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September 2009


This is one story with two messages.

Stem cell treatments are available all over the world; Mexico, Russia, China and many more. They also do stem cell treatments in Germany and you know I just returned from there. The first thing you must know about any stem cell treatment is that you must have stopped all progress of ALS before. If you don't, the new stem cells will just be destroyed by the toxins in your system. One more thing of equal importance is that you must use your own stem cells especially if you have a neuro illness like ALS. I've been told that if you use someone else's stem cells, then they must give you a drug to destroy the immune system to avoid rejection of the new cells. Well, If that's not shooting yourself in the foot, then I don't know what is. Actually, that's more like shooting yourself in the head not the foot. The clinic in Germany that I went to took my own stem cells from my hip bone and processed them and two days later re-implanted them in my spinal fluid.

Now let's talk more about prescription drugs. If you have any hope of stopping the progress of ALS, then you must avoid all toxins. You must understand that ALL prescription drugs are toxic. I'm not telling you to stop taking any prescription drugs. I won't do that. However, you have no hope of recovering from ALS unless you avoid all toxins including prescription drugs. It's just that simple.

The reason I'm telling you all this is based on a recent e-mail from a PALS. The ALS patient went to a foreign country for a stem cell treatment using stem cells from another person. Although they were showing some improvement before the treatment, they immediately got worse after the stem cell treatment. I don't want any of you to repeat that mistake.

Hope this helps you.