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October 2009


We flew to the town of Cologne in Germany in July of this year for a stem cell implant. The name of the clinic is XCell-Center GmbH. For more information about the clinic, go to their web site below:


The first thing I must caution you about is their very low success rate with ALS patients. The explanation for that is very simple in my mind. I strongly believe that you must have stopped all progress of ALS BEFORE any stem cell treatment and probably most ALS patients have not done that. If you still have toxins in your body and/or you are still exposed to toxins in your home or work environment, then the new implanted stem cells will probably just be destroyed soon after implant and there would be no gain. In a minute I'll tell you about my improvement.

The second most important item is that NO ALS PATIENT should ever have stem cells implanted that came from ANOTHER PERSON. You must use your own in my opinion. Glenna and I met a lady recently who had stem cell treatments in Russia and again in Mexico, but they were using other people's cells. BECAUSE OF POSSIBLE REJECTION, they must give you drugs to destroy your immune system. Well, folks, YOU JUST CAN'T DO THAT. An ALS patient, in my opinion, cannot stand the toxic drug and the idea of destroying your immune system is really stupid. The lady we met has already died and I believe the drugs did it.

Now for more info on my experience.

The implant treatment I experienced at the X-Cell clinic was using MY OWN stem cells. Again, that's the only way to go. On July 21, the clinic removed 25 vials of bone marrow from my hip bone. They then processed that and removed almost two million viable stem cells. On July 23, they re-implanted my own stem cells directly into my spinal fluid through a lumbar puncture. I should mention that on both days the procedure took only a few minutes and without a general anesthetic. I never felt any pain and the clinic doctors were very professional. They do speak English. Incidentally, they are located on one floor of a local hospital.

There are no immediate effects from the implant. They suggest that you may see some improvement between six weeks and three months. During the nine days we were in Germany, I was not eating all organic food, I was not drinking my pure mineral water, I was not taking any of my supplements, etc. Consequently, I had a mild relapse in my overall condition. It took me about the six weeks just to recover from that. Plus the air travel is grueling for anyone but even more for an ALS patient.

September 5 was about six weeks from the date of my implant. Oddly enough that's about when I began to have feelings that I was improving. Now bear in mind that nothing major has happened. Only very slight day-to-day improvement. Every move I make seems to be a little easier and other people have mentioned that they can understand my speech better and I look better. I'm very hopeful about future improvement based on what has already happened.

Let me remind you about one thing. I had every reason to almost expect improvement from this treatment, BUT ONLY because I had stopped all progress of my ALS long before. It is my firm belief that any stem cell treatment without eliminating the cause of your ALS first would be foolish. I believe any improvement will be slow because simply restoring your nerve cells does not immediately make your muscles stronger. It may take a long time to restore your muscle strength.

The clinic recommends that you be treated by a physical therapist soon after your treatment. I'm doing that twice a week for one hour each visit. Also, I have purchased a "Power Plate" which is probably the best form of muscle exercise for an ALS patient that I know of. I can only tell you that it works.

The entire cost of the trip for Glenna and I plus our daughter was about $20,000. About half of that was the actual cost of the treatment.

Next month I plan to write more about a clinic in China where they are treating ALS patients with Chinese medicine involving herbs and teas and no drugs. They have improvement in many of their ALS patients and very low cost.

There is every reason for all of you to be a little more hopeful about your future. There's no reason why we should not be able to duplicate the stem cell treatment here in the U.S.A. soon. Also, I plan to learn much more that might help you about the China clinic.

Keep up your P.M.A.