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November 2009


You will recall our trip to Germany in July for a stem cell treatment. Before I say anything more about stem cells, you should read last month's (October's) Update. Remember, I'm in Phase Two (see our Regimen Outline). I have long ago stopped all progress of ALS and I'm on the mend.

The German doctors told us to look for possible improvement between six weeks and three months after our implant, which was on July 23. I made a mistake and did not take my mineral water, any supplements, and of course we could not bring along our organic food supply on the trip. Consequently, I had a serious set-back as a result. It took a few weeks to recover after we returned home. Then, almost six weeks to the day, I began to see some mild improvement. That has continued but with minor set-backs. One was caused by one of my supplements that I thought was OK. However, I discovered that they were mildly toxic and had to quit it. So, this is another reminder that you must take only high-quality non-toxic supplements.

The German clinic recommended that I be treated by a physical therapist upon my return home. Apparently this is an important part of the treatment if you want to maximize the benefits of the stem cells. I agree because the replacement stem cells only reactivate the nerves but do nothing to rebuild the muscles. That can only be done by some form of exercise. I thought it would be wise to not just tell you about my improvement, so I asked my physical therapist to write a note. The following is his note:

I have been working with Eric for the past couple of months now. During this time I have noticed increased muscle activity/strength in his abdominals, hip flexors , back and hip extensors. His grip strength has improved noticeably with his left hand and his energy levels are also much improved. Eric’s speech is better, as he can carry on a conversation longer without as much strain. He has shown the ability to transfer himself independently from his scooter and stand fairly erect with control.

Eric is an inspiration to all, as his courage and will to win the fight over ALS has caught my attention. He has shown me that by eating all natural foods , extracting all toxins from the body , and having a positive attitude, has given Eric the strength to battle this devastating disease.

Thank you Eric for being in my life,
Michael K. Butler B.A.;P.T.A.;CSCS;NMT;PES
Kinetix Health and Performance Center

I think he said it better than I could have.

Now let me tell you a little more about my set-backs:

I have learned that I cannot shower in normal tap water containing chlorine. It will give me a minor set-back immediately. I've also learned that you should not wash your fresh veggies in normal tap water. They will absorb the chlorine just like your body does in your bath or shower. I now have a bed bath with eight cups of distilled water and one-half cup organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Another thing I've discovered is that testosterone really does work to rebuild muscles.

Remember folks, the only stem cell treatment that I would recommend is an implant of your own stem cells. Also, no stem cell treatment will treat the cause of your illness. We will provide more reports on my progress in our continuing monthly Updates.


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