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May 2009

This month we have a few items of real interest for you: diet sodas, the Swine Flu, ALS and exercise, and an interesting note from the Mayo Clinic.

Diet Sodas

We received a six-page e-mail recently all about diet soft drinks containing Aspartame and the sugar substitutes that also contain Aspartame such as Nutra Sweet, Equal, Spoonful, and more. It not only reminded me of how dangerous Aspartame is but also it is more prevalent than I knew. It said that there are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical. When I say deadly, I mean just that. Apparently it can cause premature death from heart disease, cancer and many more. We chose not to reproduce the entire article but just remind all of you PALS that you do not need Aspartame. It should be avoided. Remember, we suggest eating only organic food. You will not find any organic diet sodas.

Swine Flu

You are all probably worried about the Swine Flu that is on the verge of a pandemic. However, I don't think you should panic and my thoughts seem to have been confirmed in a front page article in the "Los Angeles Times" April 30. My conclusion from that article is this is a very mild form of flu virus. You should be reminded that about 36,000 people die every year in the USA from the flu. As of this day, there has been only one death and that was a two year old who came here from Mexico for medical treatment. So, he was apparently already sick with something.

You should do whatever you think is best, but I do not believe in flu vaccinations, but I do believe in building your immune system. Most vaccinations contain toxins and PALS do not need more toxins.
There are four products that you might want to consider to combat Swine Flu: MMS (chlorine dioxide) -- Del

Immune V -- EpiCor -- Colloidal Silver.

You may do a search on your computer for anyone of these for more information.

ALS and Exercise

Many doctors will tell their ALS patients not to exercise. I don't believe that is correct and I have always exercised to maintain or improve my strength. Here is a note from a recent "Quest" magazine article that I believe is quite meaningful:

"Studies in mice with an ALS-like disease have shown that mice that ran regularly on a treadmill at a low speed survived longer than average, but mice that ran regularly on a treadmill at a high speed survived a shorter time than average. The researchers found the mice did best when exercise periods were interspersed with rest."

Note from Mayo Clinic

A recent e-mail from another PALS told us about their experience at the Mayo Clinic. We were both quite flattered that they knew about our book "Eric is Winning" and they knew my name. Of course, they don't really like me there and that's understandable because they don't believe that anyone like me could possibly cure ALS when THEY have no cure. Did you ever wonder why they don't open their minds to the possibility that we could be right? Anyway, I'm still flattered that they know my name.

I think that's great.

Well, that's all for this month.