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June 2009

This month's Update includes information on L-theanine, Resveratrol, and Lyme:


For a few years now, I've been telling you that I think there's something in my chai tea latte that gives me a physical boost. Now I think I know what it is. The "Los Angeles Times" published an article 5-4-09 in their "Health" section titled "Tea and L-theanine benefits." Apparently tea has a substance in it called L-theanine. Evidently the amount of L-theanine varies considerably from one tea to another. Based on my experience, I'm guessing that chai tea must have more than the average. At any rate I know that my chai tea latte gives me a real boost, physically I mean. However, the "Times" article stressed primarily the benefit to your mental acuity. Although the boost I get is only temporary, I feel there may be some long-term benefit as well. Even if it's only temporary, it is a very POSITIVE benefit for anyone experiencing muscle weakness. To learn more, you might go to the "Los Angeles Times" web site and review the article at LATIMES.COM/HEALTH.


In our book, I tell you about all of the vitamins and supplements I was taking at that time. I no longer take all of them because I found that many of them were actually toxic. Either the capsule, the coloring, or the material used to make a tablet was toxic. I now believe it may be better to get most of your vitamins and minerals from natural food. That means eating a lot of RAW vegetables and perhaps using a blender or juicer. However, I think everyone in the world needs a multiple mineral/vitamin plus a vitamin B complex. Then, you may want to add a few very special supplements. I've read a lot of different articles about Resveratrol. I'm beginning to believe that Resveratrol may be one of the most important supplements ever. You might want to consider adding it to your daily regimen. You can do a search on the Internet for Resveratrol or go to the following web site:



Lyme disease is very difficult to treat. I ran across a web site that was very interesting to me. If any of you even possibly have Lyme, you may want to read about it. I have not tried this product and know nothing about it.