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July 2009


As you may know, dentist Hal Huggins, who wrote the book "It's All in Your Head," has been fighting the use of Mercury amalgam dental fillings for over 30 years. I've now heard that he has developed a protocol for treating ALS patients that involves more than just amalgam removal. Included in his protocol are treatments to detoxify the body. I must mention that I have recommended amalgam removal AND detox for well over ten years so I totally agree with him. Now, here's the really great news: According to what I have read, he has over 30% success rate. That is unheard of, so I just thought you might want to hear about it.

If I were a new PALS, I would jump on a plane or ride my scooter all the way over to Dr. Huggins' office for his treatment.

His web site is in our Regimen Outline, but here it is again:



Even Better Now has a great article about water on their web site. It is about nine pages long if you print it. It is a very informative article. You may want to read it. Here is their web site:


My experience is beginning to confirm what I've read about polluted water. I think we not only need pure water (chlorine and fluoride free) for drinking and cooking, but we also need pure water for bathing. I've read that the impurities in water will be drawn into your system through the skin during a shower or a bath. Remember, it is absolutely critical that you avoid ALL toxins.


Now and then I do something that is really good for me. This is one of those situations. I bought a Power Plate in April 2009. Although it is a little expensive, over $2000, I am very happy with the results after only two months of use.

There is probably no good way for any PALS to exercise every muscle in their body. In fact, it may be impossible for anyone with any advanced paralysis. I am not going into all the details of this machine, but I do recommend that you visit the following web site:


Or call (800) 718-8293 for the November 2008 edition of "Alternatives." The article in that issue will provide you with mucho information about the Power Plate. All I can tell you is that it works.