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January 2009

Last month I told you about all my CURRENT treatments. This month I want to tell you about my favorite treatments; the ones I think have been the most effective.

Way back in the beginning of my treatments, I did colon hydrotherapy. I know that works and it is very important. Then, I began chelation by IV using DMPS to primarily remove mercury. I also know that works. Also, Ionic foot baths and Bentonite Clay foot bath have also helped me.

Now having done all that, I'm now in Phase Two. I have clearly stopped all progression of ALS symptoms and have 'mucho' improvement.

Here are the things that I think are now helping me the most in my improvement:

Getting out in the direct sunshine. My experience tells me that direct sunshine is far better than taking any Vitaman D pill.

Testosterone cream. I apply daily to my thighs. I know it works.

Pomegranate juice. Although this is very expensive, you may need to take only a small amount daily. I take one or two ounces twice a day. I am certain that this had a direct effect on my improvement.

Minerals. You absolutely must get your minerals from some supplement, and I have chosen Mountain Valley Spring Water. I also like Terramin Clay.

pH. There's no doubt in my mind about the necessity of having an alkaline pH. This is probably the single most important thing to do.

For more information on pH and all of the above, see our Regimen Outline on this web site.

A Starbucks latte story. You should know that I do not drink coffee and that I have been drinking a Starbucks Chai Tea latte everyday for several years now. When I say everyday, I mean everyday. I have not missed two or three times in the last four years.

The complete description of my Starbucks drink is a VENTI (20 OZ.) CHAI TEA LATTE WITH SOY MILK--NO WATER AT 140 DEGREES.

First, the reason I'm telling you about this drink is because I seriously believe that it helps my condition. I told you that in our book. Often times I feel a lot stronger and have better muscle control about two or three hours after my latte. A few months ago, I had two latte's in one afternoon and I felt even more improvement later that day. Recently, I had another experience. Glenna was kind enough to drive into town to get me a latte. She tasted it and it wasn't right -- it was too watery. They made her a new one and she remarked that it was much better. The barista said "It ought to be, I put in two extra pumps of Chai."

Well, guess what happened? About two hours later I realized that I was much stronger and had more muscle control.

Now I really think that this is quite significant, but I'm not sure of what makes the difference. Apparently it must be something in the Chai mix and not the soy milk. As I understand it, the Chai mix contains ginger, cinnamon , honey and of course the black Chai tea.

I know this is very expensive, but I must tell you about it because I am totally convinced that something in the latte helps me. I love the drink and I simply must have one or two everyday. I believe that when your body recognizes a good food, that your taste will change to make that food taste even better. I hope that makes sense to you.

Just for the record, I am now drinking two latte's everyday, each with one extra pump of Chai. I get a Venti and a Grande for a total of 36 ounces of the drink.

I've read a lot of bad things about soy milk, but I believe it's good. The other day we brought our Starbucks drinks home and after I drank one I tested my pH. Naturally, there was some residue of the drink in my saliva, but the test paper was royal blue which means about 8.0 and very alkaline.

Well, folks, that's about all I can tell you about my Starbucks drink.

Now and then I receive an interesting e-mail and here is one that I found MOST interesting:

Dear Eric and Glenna,

Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list and please do keep sending me updates. I lost a son to ALS.

I have healed myself of cancer a few years ago following pretty much the same regimen you are doing. Reading your book may have helped me.

I did believe I could heal myself. I wanted to live. I started eating raw fruits and vegetables, a big salad every morning, steamed organic rice from Lundsberg in California, whole grains porridge and fruits between meals plus I drank a lot of water. I am staying on the same diet. I am 82 and hope to live healthily for a few more years, at least ten if not more.

I live in a healthy environment, in a small town without too much pollution and I am grateful for everything I have starting with my good health.

Thank you for writing your book which I sent to my very best friend.
Love from Marie Bostrom


The above e-mail is interesting to me because a lot of information about cancer cures is coming to me lately.

I believe there are probably a hundred or more diets that will cure most cancer. I believe the key is your pH. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline pH of 7.35.

That's all for now....we'll see you next month.