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February 2009

There is nothing special to write about this month, so we chose to tell you about our new book. We are writing a new book titled "Surviving Without Your MD." The book is finished all but the polishing, but it may not be published for another two or three months.

Before I tell you anymore about the new book, let me ask you some questions:

* Why do our doctors tell all of their ALS patients to go home and die and there is nothing ANYONE can do?

* Why do other doctors write books in which they tell us how to cure ALS?

* Why do most doctors not know about the effect of toxins when thousands of us are dying every year from environmental toxins and pollution?

* Why do doctors know very little about the effects of diet and vitamins and minerals?

* Why do most doctors prescribe a drug and surgery almost without exception?

* Why are they curing difficult cancer patients in Germany and not here in the USA?

* Why are we among the sickest countries in the whole world?

* Why do prescription drugs offer no cure (with few exceptions)?

You will find the answers to all these questions and much more in our new book. Stay tuned to this channel for more information about the new book.

Best regards,

Eric & Glenna Edney