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August 2009


Many of you have written about stem cell treatments. I have always discouraged all ALS patients about any stem cell treatment UNTIL they have stopped all progress of their ALS by other means, primarily detox.

Now I am reporting to you on our recent trip to a stem cell treatment center in Germany.

We went to the XCell-Center in Cologne. We just returned on the 27th after being there over one week for the treatment, so we have no results to report yet. We don't expect any results from six weeks to three months.

You may want to know why we selected them. The XCell-Center is Europe's first certified private stem cell treatment facility and is its leading adult stem cell therapy provider. Their clinic and laboratory standards are governed by the German Medical Act and European Union GMP regulations. These standards are on a par with US FDA regulations. Notice that they use ADULT stem cells. That is they remove your own stem cells from your own bone marrow and re-implant them wherever needed. In my case that would be in the spinal fluid.

On Tuesday, July 21, they did my blood test and then removed 25 vials of bone marrow from my pelvic or hip bone. They usually take 20, but my blood test indicated that my blood was a little thin. However, when they processed my bone marrow blood to remove the stem cells, they found that my stem cells had EXCELLENT viability.

On Thursday, July 23, they re-implanted my own adult stem cells into my spinal fluid.

On Tuesday I was in and out of the hospital in about one hour. On Thursday the process took only a few minutes but they had me remain for observation and rest for three hours. There are possible side effects such as headache and nausea. I had neither.

Now for more information about why I did this:

Again, I must repeat, we only decided to do this because I KNOW I have stopped all progress of my ALS and I have moderate improvement.

Here are the results of the XCell-Center on only 53 of their ALS patients up to May 2008:

Deterioration - 17
No change - 16
Improvement - 19
Strong improvement - 1
Cured - 0

Now you might wonder why I would go there after reviewing the above statistics. I am certain that most or maybe all of the PALS did not stop all progress of ALS BEFORE going to Germany. Also, probably none of them except those with improvement had eliminated the toxins that had primarily caused their ALS. At any rate, I am not expecting anything, but I hold great hope. I'll let you know more in the coming months.

Next month, I'll write more about our trip in case any of you are wondering about the details of traveling by air.

Regards, Eric