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September 2008


Here is revised information for ordering a hair analysis:

Dr. Kathleen N. Akin
PO Box 96
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

1 (800) 528-4223


I have been drinking only distilled water. Now I have learned about a new mineral water that I believe is pure and it comes in glass bottles. I really like it because it has minerals and a lot of calcium and also it is alkaline. The name is Mountain Valley Spring Water. It is a little expensive but if you want to learn more or order some, see this web site:



Here is a web site you must visit if you are at all interested in learning more about detox. It is written by a medical doctor and virtually agrees with everything in my book. Imagine that! This is probably the best single source of detox info that I've ever seen. Here is a very interesting quote from the web site: "The routine use of intravenous DMPS is not advisable for patients who still have silver amalgam fillings." There is more, but you must review the web site. Here it is:



I normally only post e-mail from PALS with improvement or that contain good information about treatments. This one is not from a PALS but has important information that may interest you. Here it is:

Hi Eric,

I don't think you'll likely remember me, but you sent me the email below almost two years ago. Since then, I have learned a lot about what I was experiencing, and I am much, much better.

You were definitely right; it was a neurological problem. I believe it was caused by parasites, plus an infection in a tooth (which I had removed). In the search for answers, I tried both doctors (who did no good at all, because they could not diagnose the problem) and alternative therapists. The one massage therapist who helped me most was able to discover that there was a parasite population of immense proportions, in pretty much every part of my body. I have done a parasite cleanse, along with the addition of certain food supplements, and all of the symptoms have diminished; most are entirely gone.

Just to refresh your memory about the symptoms, they included triggering of both thumbs; muscle spasms in various muscles, especially hands, feet, and face; dizziness; loss of memory; clumsy speech, difficulty swallowing (or choking on drinks, especially); tripping over nothing; other similar things.

Adding foods containing lots of omega 3, 6, and 9 oils seems to have helped the most. One that worked well for me was a drink called MonaVie, which uses the fruit of the Acai berry, plus 18 other fruit juices. I think it unfortunately also exacerbates the candida problem I've had, so I had to be sure to add plenty of probiotics when drinking it...but it's nice to be getting my mind back!

I wish you well. Thank you for responding to my email. You helped me.

Norell Sears

Hello Norell:

Thanks for your e-mail and update on your condition. I only have one comment. You obviously have a NEUROLOGICAL problem. The exact diagnosis may be a long ways away until you develop more symptoms. In the meantime, I would urge you to assume that you have ALS and treat it accordingly. I don't know how you can possibly go wrong doing that.

Best regards,

Eric Edney