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October 2008


Here is a little more information about your pH. Just for a reminder, an acidic pH (less than 7.0) means you are sick and you may not know it yet. It also means that you are low in minerals such as calcium. I have also written about the need to avoid constipation, especially during any detox treatment. The following is an interesting e-mail from a PALS with improvement:


Dear Eric. We have been taking your advice on keeping your ph up. And I thought you might like to know the formula that we are using for a good ph level. Of course you know my wife Elizabeth has ALS. I give her 1 overflowing tablespoon of pomegranate juice concentrate in 8 ozs. of mountain spring water, with 1 teaspoon of Kyo-Green. I give her this once in the morning and once in the evening. and this gives her a ph level of between 7.2 - 8.0. But you have to have a bowel movement daily for this to work. If she misses a day the ph will drop to around 6.6 to 7.0 range. I thought you might want to share this with some others with ALS. God bless, Elizabeth and Ronnie


There are very few GOOD books about ALS other than mine (of course I say mine is good). LOL

Here is another GOOD one. "RIVER OF HOPE--My Journey with Kathy in Search of Healing from Lou Gehrig's Disease" by David Tank. This is a really interesting story with some experiences different from mine.

Here are two web sites you might want to visit:

You should be able to get to the video at either

or from the link on my Planet Creek Press web site


Here is another e-mail with a real message about toxins:


Hello. I have read your book, although it was in 2006.

My Dad Bob McDonald had ALS and was a devout follower of yours. He was a history buff, and called you "Eric the Great". He passed on July 9, 2006. He and my stepmom were in touch with you and you responded. Thanks. You also gave him strength and conviction in the fight. He felt like you were on his side in the battle against the doctors.

The reason I am writing is to point out a toxin that PALS may not be aware of. They are flame retardants, known as PBDEs, and can be found in old chairs, mattresses, drapes, carpets. PBDEs are like PCBs in that they are toxic, bioaccumulative and persistent. Nowadays they are not used as much in manufacture of chairs etc., but one form, DecaBDE (BDE 209) is still in use in hard plastics used in cars, computers, the hard plastic backs of TVs and similar items.

Dad was following your regimen quite successfully, and was doing 90 laps around the living room in March 2006. That month an institutional "lift" chair was brought into the house, and he was hospitalized in early April and didn't walk again, and died in early July, as indicated. Toward the end, on reflection, he thought that the chair had something to do with it, and I told him I would look into it. This led me to do a lot of research on PBDEs and to work toward banning DecaBDE here in Canada - still working on it. So I've got quite a file on it. Please let me know if you would like any other information.

Thank you, and I support and applaud your work.

Very best regards

Mary Lou McDonald



Here is an e-mail I received recently with two web sites you should review:


Hi...Have not read your book nor do I have a need to...ran across your site...thought you may be interested in something that is making phenomenal progress against disease, including Lyme's disease....good luck and health to you... I am doing the protocol right now myself.



Audra Anderson :)



I believe glutathione is important in the treatment of ALS because people who have low levels of glutathione are ore susceptible to chronic illness. Here is a product that may cause the body to product more of its own glutathione. The name is MaxGXL. I tried it for a short time and I believe it was helping me. Then I had to stop all supplements because of my IBS. I plan to begin taking it soon.

Here is a web site that you may order some:



Here is an excerpt from a recent newspaper article:


There is another problem that the author did not mention. Tooth-colored fillings contain bisphenol-A, another chemical being investigated by the FDA. Sen. Charles Schumer from New York wants BPA banned, and Congresswoman Diane Watson from California wants amalgam fillings banned.



There are two recent experiences I must tell you about. You might find them interesting.

First, here are some reminders. I am literally a walking test laboratory for toxins. Because my ALS symptoms continually improve, I am able to recognize the cause of any setback most of the time.

I have been using an organic aftershave lotion for a long time. I thought I had improved enough that I might try my OLD lotion. Glenna bought me a new bottle of Old Spice. I tried a little one day and had no problems. Then, I tried a whole lot and I could smell the vapors from my face for a long time after. By the next day, my symptoms were worse. Who would think that something so simple as aftershave lotion would cause any problem, but it did.

I've been wearing a diaper for about five years now because about once a month I have a BM accident where I cannot physically get to the toilet fast enough. It happens almost like clockwork. I have yet to go more than 30 days without an accident. Oh yes, I'm still working on it. I might be all wet, but I do believe that the body filters out toxins all the time, but only occasionally dumps them into the colon. It seems to me that must be why I have my BM accidents almost on a schedule. Recently, this has occurred twice. I hear gurgling in my stomach and then my colon wants to evacuate immediately. I believe it's possible that the gurgling sound is the dumping of the toxins into the colon. Then, the colon says "I don't want this crap either" and it eliminates it right now. Does that make sense?

Here is what happened just a few days ago: I got up in the morning and was not feeling great. During the day, I got worse and had difficulty moving around. Mid afternoon I checked my pH. It was zero if you can believe that. The litmus test paper did not change color at all. Later that same day, I heard gurgling in my stomach and I had a BM accident within seconds. Later, I realized that because of my bowel problem, I had not been following my normal diet and I had eliminated all supplements for a few days. So, I immediately drank one 12 oz. glass of my mineral spring water. For dinner that night, I had only a bowel of green baby lima beans. They are a relative of the soybean and high in alkaline. The very next morning, I felt spectacular. I felt even better than the day before my problem. I rushed in to check my pH and you won't believe it. The saliva on my test paper turned green then blue. That equals a 7.5 or higher pH.

Every time I experience anything like this, I am simply amazed at how the pH reading is so coincidental with how I feel.

Well, that's all I have for this month and I hope you find all this interesting and helpful.

Best regards,

Eric Edney